beechcraft b200 king air

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Decks in this class (16)

Raisbeck modifications,
Max wing locker weight,
Purpose of dabs
19  cards
Which annunciators do not dim,
Caution on off switch,
Caut lgnd off
29  cards
DC Electric
Describe the starter generators,
L r dc gen,
Max continuous load
18  cards
AC Electric
Inst inv,
Ac gyro motors
3  cards
Fuel tank capacity,
Firewall shutoff valve,
Engine driven fuel pump
17  cards
Describe the pt6,
Low pressure fuel pump,
High pressure fuel pump
15  cards
Describe the propellers,
Where does the propeller rpm gaug...,
Minimum prop idle
22  cards
Big p3 components,
Little p3 components,
Describe the motion of uncontroll...
22  cards
Emergency Memory Items
Emergency engine shutdown1 unsche...,
Engine fire on ground,
Emergency engine shutdown on ground
25  cards
160 kiascleanlevel,
160 kiasclean 1000fpm,
140 kiasflaps approachlevel
12  cards
Environmental shutoff valves nc,
Air to air heat exchangers,
Vent blower
9  cards
Landing Gear and Brakes
Describe the hydraulic power pack,
What powers the landing gear motor,
What powers the landing gear relay
17  cards
Flight Controls
Aileron travel,
Elevator travel,
Rudder boost operation
11  cards
Where is the oxygen bottle located,
Barometric pressure switch
2  cards
Surface deice components,
Surface deice operation,
What action should be taken if th...
23  cards
What functions does the pneumatic...,
Describe the pneumatic system,
Engine start
5  cards

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beechcraft b200 king air

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