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What are the advantages of cisc 4,
What devices use risc 1,
What devices use cisc 1
14  cards
What does an operating system os do,
What does backing store managemen...,
What is the role of a driver
14  cards
What are the seven stages of the ...,
Explain what happens during the a...,
Explain what happens during the d...
20  cards
What does a class do 3,
What is inheritence 3,
What is meant by an assembler 2
27  cards
What is an input device 1,
What is an output device 1,
Give 3 examples of an input device 3
26  cards
What is the characteristic of clo...,
What is the characteristic of ope...,
Explain the benefits to the users...
35  cards
1.3.1 Compression, Encryption and Hashing
Why is it beneficial to compress ...,
What type of compression removes ...,
What type of compression retains ...
15  cards
1.3.4 Web Technologies
What is html 2,
What is the tag used for 1,
What is the tag used for 1
22  cards
1.4.1 Data Types
Convert this binary to denary in ...,
Convertt his binary to denary in ...,
Convert this denary to binary in ...
25  cards
1.4.2 Data Structures
What is the difference between st...,
What is the difference between an...,
What is a 2d array
35  cards
1.3.3 Networks
Describe what is meant by a lan 2,
State two advantages of having a ...,
Tcp ip uses packet switching expl...
26  cards
1.1.1 The Processor
What are the registers in the cpu 5,
What does the pc hold 1,
What is a register 2
29  cards
2.1 Elements of Computational thinking
What is abstraction 2,
Why do we need abstraction 2,
What is a precondition 2
19  cards
2.2.1 Programming techniques
What are the three programming co...,
What is programming in sequence 1,
What is iteration 1
19  cards
2.2.2 Computational methods
What are the computational methods 4,
What is recognition 1,
What is decomposition 3
10  cards
2.3.1 Algorithms
What are the sorting algorithms w...,
What are the searching algorithms...,
What is the precondition for a bi...
28  cards
1.1.1 Updated
How does faster clock speed impro...,
How does larger cache memory impr...,
Features of von neumann architecture
22  cards
1.3.2 - databases
What is meant by the term primary...,
What is meant by the term foreign...,
What is meant by referential inte...
39  cards
OCR Pseudocode
Assigning global variables,
For loops,
While loops
12  cards
1.5 Ethics Flashcards
Describe the purpose of regulatio...,
Advantages of self driving cars,
Disadvantages of self driving cars
26  cards
Any or no characters,
Exactly one character
12  cards

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