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Chapter 1 - Principles of Transmission
What are the advantages of solid ...,
What are the advantages of strand...,
What are the advantages of compos...
60  cards
Chapter 2 - Electromagnetic Compatibility
What is a common mode unwanted si...,
What is differential mode unwante...,
How can common mode signals affec...
14  cards
Chapter 3 - Telecommunications Spaces
Light fixtures within telecommuni...,
What is the minimum light level i...,
For a telecommunications space if...
49  cards
Chapter 4 - Backbone Distribution Systems
Sleeve used for backbone distribu...,
Ideally the main crossconnect mc ...,
In a backbone distribution system...
20  cards
Chapter 5 - Horizontal Distribution Systems
How should the usable floor area ...,
When using the ceiling zone metho...,
What is poh
57  cards
Chapter 6 - ICT Cables and Connecting Hardware
What is the maximum distance supp...,
What is the maximum distance supp...,
What is the maximum distance supp...
31  cards
Chapter 7 - Firestop Systems
What are some firestop applications,
What is a through penetration fir...,
What does building codes require ...
4  cards
Chapter 8 - Bonding and Grounding (Earthing)
The equipment grounding earthing ...,
The ac grounding earthing electro...,
The ict designer must recognize t...
21  cards
Chapter 9 - Power Distribution
When calculating voltage drop a v...,
When calculating voltage drop a v...,
When calculating voltage drop wha...
14  cards
Chapter 10 - Telecommunications Administration
What types of records are require...,
What type of records are required...,
What type of records are required...
14  cards
Chapter 11 - Field Testing of Structured Cabling
When placing an entrance sleeve t...,
What is return loss,
What is insertion loss deviation
12  cards
Chapter 12 - Outside Plant
The ict distribution designer sho...,
The penetration specified for int...,
What are the three locating methods
26  cards
Chapter 13 - Audiovisual Systems
Ieee 1394 port can connect up to ...,
Usb 10 and 11 have a max bandwidt...,
Usb 20 has a max bandwidth of
10  cards
Chapter 14 - Building Automation Systems
How is an intelligent building ib...,
What are some of the benefits an ...,
Building automation systems bas _...
3  cards
Chapter 15 - Data Networks
What type of criteria can be used...,
What is a switch,
What is a router
6  cards
Chapter 16 - Wireless Networks
____ and ____ are the basic measu...,
Backend equipment is typically lo...,
What is reflection and its affect...
17  cards
Chapter 17 - Electronic Safety and Security
What are the potential causes for...,
What are the three levels of a el...,
What are four different types of ...
26  cards
Chapter 18 - Data Centers
What is the availability class f0...,
What is the availability class f1...,
What is the availability class f2...
10  cards
Chapter 19 - Health Care
What is the technology equipment ...,
Where should the technology equip...,
What should the temperature and h...
12  cards
Chapter 20 - Residential Cabling
How many grades of residential ca...,
Where is the demarcation point us...,
What are the recommended backbone...
13  cards
Chapter 21 - Project Administration and Execution
What do ict professionals need to...,
What are the steps involved with ...,
What is human resource management
51  cards
Chapter 22 - Special Design Considerations
What types of cables does tia 100...,
What does mice stand for,
What are the three levels of mice
6  cards

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