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Chapter 1 - Principles of Transmission
The theory and methodology used t...,
The patch cord return loss test f...,
Which one of the following optica...
50  cards
Chapter 2 - Electromagnetic Compatibility
To successfully filter both commo...,
Improper grounding earthing poor ...,
When determining the minimum size...
19  cards
Chapter 3 - Telecommunications Spaces
Augmented class f balanced twiste...,
Epons dispersion unshifted fibera...,
Epons dispersion shifted fibera g...
43  cards
Chapter 4 - Backbone Distribution Systems
When designing an in building bac...,
A backbone star topology shall ha...,
A slot used for backbone distribu...
43  cards
Chapter 5 - Horizontal Distribution System
The maximum standards recommended...,
The maximum standards recommended...,
The maximum standards recommended...
60  cards
Chapter 6 - ICT Cables and Connecting Hardware
On singlemode optical fiber a con...,
Overall bandwidth of optical fibe...,
Optical fiber cabling application...
22  cards
Chapter 7 - Firestop System
Which one of the following non me...,
Firestop systems that have steel ...,
In the united states the astm e23...
19  cards
Chapter 8 - Bonding and Grounding
It is permissible to use metallic...,
The secondary bonding busbar sbb ...,
All sites have bonding conductors...
38  cards
Chapter 9 - Power Distribution
The ampacity of a conductor is re...,
Article _____ of nfpa 70 the nati...,
In a _____ direct current dc dist...
66  cards
Chapter 10 - Telecommunications Administration
Which one of the following is opt...,
Which one of the following is an ...,
Which one of the following is the...
19  cards
Chapter 11 - Field Testing of Structured Cabling
When testing optical fiber cablin...,
When testing optical fiber cablin...,
In a balanced twisted pair cable ...
32  cards
Chapter 12 - Outside Plant
The term soft digging describes t...,
Entrance facility underground con...,
When sizing underground entrance ...
21  cards
Chapter 13 - Audiovisual Systems
A properly designed overhead pagi...,
The ___ is the preferred pattern ...,
In areas with less than ___ db no...
63  cards
Chapter 14 - Building Automation Systems
___ controllers use ddc for a wid...,
Lighting may account for up to __...,
Is a type of lighting control ___...
41  cards
Chapter 15 - Data Networks
Network architecture can be descr...,
A n ___ can be defined as two or ...,
Name the 7 osi layers
39  cards
Chapter 16 - Wireless Networks
A n _____ wireless local area net...,
Watts provide an absolute measure...,
When choosing the antenna support...
61  cards
Chapter 17 - ESS
To ensure general audibility in t...,
A typical electronic access contr...,
At a minimum both transmission ch...
57  cards
Chapter 18 - Data Centers
Ansi tia 569 e telecommunications...,
The ansi tia standard for data ce...,
When considering the threat to se...
32  cards
Chapter 19 - Health Care
Examples of _____ areas in a hosp...,
___ archiving and communication s...,
Newer ultra wideband active radio...
26  cards
Chapter 20 - Residential Cabling
Optical fiber ado cable should ac...,
To provide for future growth equi...,
A residential unit with 20 outlet...
14  cards
Chapter 21 - Project Administration and Execution
An ict infrastructure needs to be...,
___ includes detailed review of t...,
___ of a project covers the break...
55  cards
Chapter 22- Special Design Considerations
Tia 1005 does not recognizes bund...,
An ingress protection ip code tak...,
For industrial areas tia 1005 def...
5  cards

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