bio234_animal conservation and welfare

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Decks in this class (17)

Introduction to conservation
Human effects on earth s systems 3,
Human populations carrying capacity
19  cards
Environmental Psychology
Why is understanding human behavi...,
What should conservation aim for,
Shifting baselines
13  cards
Animal Behaviour in Conservation
Why is behaviour important for co...,
How do traits evolve through natu...,
Do behaviours evolve
24  cards
What is biodiversity,
What is genetic diversity
59  cards
Habitat Loss
What are the drivers of habitat loss,
Solution to threats to biodiversity,
What is the greatest threat to bi...
30  cards
Habitat fragmentation and degradation
What is habitat degradation,
What is habitat fragmentation,
Types of habitat degradation
50  cards
What is overexploitation,
What percentage of threatened or ...,
What did humans implicate the ext...
42  cards
Invasive Species
What is an invasive species,
What is a native species,
What is an alien species
50  cards
Climate Change
How is climate changing,
Past warming has been slowerdata,
What are we at now in relation to...
55  cards
Species-based conservation
What are the different approaches...,
Step by step of conservation process,
What are the problems with small ...
28  cards
Landscape-scale Conservation
What are the public more familiar...,
Conserving what can protect more ...,
What is a protected area primary ...
34  cards
Ex-situ conservation and Zoo biology
What is in situ conservation,
What is ex situ conservation,
What are the ex situ conservation...
47  cards
Exotic Animal Husbandry
Why is husbandry important,
Why should we care for husbandry,
What does husbandry involve
16  cards
Introduction to Animal Welfare
Components of animal welfare,
What are the 3 animal welfare con...,
The five freedoms
28  cards
Assessment of animal welfare
5 domains model,
What can assess animal welfare,
What can increase risk of disease
41  cards
Solutions to animal welfare
How can welfare problems be made ...,
What should physical environment ...,
How can physical environments sol...
29  cards
Ethical treatments of non-human animals in behavioural research & teaching
List of the ethical treatment of ...,
Legislationanimals scientific pro...
54  cards

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