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Name 2 regulations in relation to...,
What is the major difference betw...,
Describe 4 parts of a selection c...
31  cards
Treatment Planning
Describe how to take a presenting...,
Give 3 examples of questions whic...,
Describe good steps to take an ap...
14  cards
Clinical Record Keeping
Describe 4 reasons to keep dental...,
What is the main dento legal purp...,
What does the gdc say about recor...
25  cards
Prevention in Restorative Dentistry
Describe prevention v cure approa...,
What are 3 pillars of prevention ...,
Describe 5 components of toothbru...
28  cards
Practicalities of Consent
What is definition of autonomy,
Name 4 types of consent,
What is implied consent
22  cards
Amalgam Repair
What is the average survival for ...,
Name 3 reasons amalgam is being p...,
Describe eu regulations on amalga...
36  cards
Patient Safety
Who has the responsibility over p...,
Describe 3 things a patient must ...,
Describe best practice with regar...
15  cards
Cross Infection Control
What is cross infection,
Name 5 basic ways to reduce cross...,
Name 3 reasons hand hygiene is im...
23  cards
What is professionalism,
What is a major underpin professi...,
Name 6 examples of characteristic...
18  cards
Introduction To Endo
What is endodontology,
Describe 6 components in the scop...,
What is the fundamental aspect of...
19  cards
Endodontic Access
Describe the basic principles of ...,
Describe 2 objectives for all acc...,
Name 4 important features of acce...
40  cards
Biomechanical Preparation - Instrumentation
Name 3 aims of endodontic treatment,
Name 2 types of cleaning during e...,
Between what 2 stages does biomec...
25  cards
Biomechanical Preparation - Irrigation
Name 3 reasons to use la,
What is the most common type of l...,
What may be used if the patient s...
27  cards
What is the aim of obturation,
Name 2 objectives of obturation,
Name 6 ideal properties of a core...
22  cards
Physiology of the Pulp
Describe the basic physiological ...,
Describe 4 features of the form o...,
Name 3 functions of the dental pulp
39  cards
What is pulpitis,
Describe 4 common causes of pulpitis,
Describe the progressive continuu...
30  cards
Deep Caries Management
Why is it advantageous to maintai...,
Describe 3 caries removal strateg...,
Describe the major guiding princi...
23  cards
Assessment of Difficulty
Describe 3 components of the rest...,
What is the prosthodontic status ...,
What is the endodontic status of ...
24  cards
Direct Restoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth
Name 7 steps of the pre operative...,
Describe the endodontic status du...,
Describe the status during a pre ...
24  cards
Endodontic Outcomes
How is an endodontic outcome asse...,
Name 3 outcomes of endodontic tre...,
Describe 4 components of favourab...
11  cards
Cleaning and Disinfection
What is bioburden,
Describe potentially pathogenic o...,
Name 4 ways to mitigate risk
42  cards
Sterilization and Storage
What is sterilisation,
What is sterilisation assurance l...,
Name 2 general methods of sterili...
26  cards
Bulk Fill Composites
What is sdr,
What is sdr,
Name 3 properties of sdr
22  cards
Cavity Liners
What is biodentine,
What is the base of biodentine,
What makes biodentine radiopaque
18  cards
High Viscosity GIs
Name 2 high viscosity glass ionomers,
Name 6 indications for using fuji ix,
Name 5 advantages of fuji ix
12  cards
Equia Forte
What is equia forte,
Describe glass hybrid technology ...,
What is the function of equia for...
7  cards
Anterior Composite Build Up
Describe incisal build up of uppe...,
What is the major difference betw...,
Name 2 types of ceramx
22  cards

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