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Chapter 1: The Major Issues
4 types of biological explanation...,
Physiological explanation of beha...,
Ontogenetic explanation of behaviour
22  cards
Chapter 2: Nerve Cells and Nerve Impulses
Main structures of neurons,
Structural differences among neurons,
Types of glia
17  cards
Chapter 3: Synapses
Describe sherrington s inferences...,
Temporal summation sherringtons i...,
Spatial summation sherringtons in...
35  cards
Chapter 4: Anatomy of the Nervous System
Identify the directional terms fo...,
Describe the structure of the spi...,
Functions locations and organizat...
26  cards
Chapter 5: Development and Plasticity of the Brain
Processes of growth and different...,
16  cards
Chapter 6: Vision
34  cards
Chapter 7: Other Sensory Systems
Auditory canal,
Tympanic membrane
51  cards
Chapter 8: Movement
Three categories of muscle,
Smooth muscle,
Skeletal striated muscle
38  cards
Chapter 9: Wakefulness and Sleep
Functions of endogenous rhythms a...,
Describe the anatomical location ...,
How light can reset the biologica...
23  cards
Chapter 10: Internal Regulation
Advantages of constant high body ...,
What happens when body gets too hot
32  cards
Chapter 11: Reproductive Behaviours
Three types of sex hormones and t...,
Ways sex hormones can exert their...,
34  cards
Chapter 12: Emotional Behaviours
Describe the influences of the au...,
Panic attack,
Emotions smiles frowns
45  cards
Chapter 13: The Biology of Learning and Memory
Classical conditioning,
Operant instrumental conditioning,
Describe lashley s search for the...
37  cards
Chapter 14: Cognitive Function
Describe the visual and auditory ...,
Optic chiasm,
Why some people have had their co...
30  cards
Chapter 15: Mood Disorders and Schizophrenia
Symptoms of depression and the ev...,
Forms of serotonin transporter ge...,
Possible roles of genetics stress...
31  cards

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