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Studying is hard. We get it! It takes motivation to study, and what works for me may not work for you, but I promise you can find the motivation to get started and succeed in your studies. According to the American Psychological Association, Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behavior. And we think learning about memory and diving into research about the brain is fascinating, as I'm sure you do since you're on a page about Psychology flashcards.

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Whether you're just in an introductory psychology class or studying at a more advanced level for a Psychology degree, it's only natural that you should be using the latest psychology research to help you prepare for exams more effectively. You deserve a web and mobile app that breaks down all your psychology questions and answers in a way that doubles your learning speed and the duration of your memory retention.

The Brainscape system works by asking you to rate your confidence on a scale of 1-5. This system, known as Confidence-Based Repetition (CBR), is then used to determine the frequency that you will next be shown the flashcard. This spaced repetition algorithm guarantees that you will learn faster and remember for longer -- based on solid cognitive science.

Brainscape is proud to present thousands of Psychology flashcards that you can study online or in the world's best flashcard app. The study materials have been created by top students and a team of Psychology experts. You can choose to study online or on your iOS devices in sync and browse thousands of study notes for free. Alternatively, check out some of the Brainscape premium Psychology products such as GRE Psychology, Psychology 101, or AP Psychology

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Top students and professors have created the flashcards in this catalog from Stanford, Berkeley, Harvard, and many other undergraduate and graduate programs.

You can find flashcards on every single subject in psychology. Choose from study guides like Developmental Psychology, DSM Classifications, the Brain, Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Learning & Memory, Psychiatry, Drugs & Behavior, Abnormal Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and Psychopathology. Whatever you are learning about, it is super easy to find the Psychology study guide and notes you need to succeed.

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If you're an undergraduate looking to go to grad school, your grades in your undergraduate psych classes are super important. Brainscape will help you absorb and retain key knowledge using the Brainscape uniquely developed Confidence-Based Repetition (CBR) technology.

Brainscape also has a premium GRE Psychology product carefully curated to be more comprehensive than Kaplan and other programs.

Our GRE Psychology product has been created by a team of Psychology experts who previously worked with Kaplan and The Princeton Review and tested by students who recently scored highly on their own exams.  GRE Psychology is the perfect complement to your practice tests.

By choosing the Brainscape GRE Psychology product, you can improve your Psychology knowledge for the GRE subject test faster than with any other tool. You can study online or in our mobile app and master over 1,200 flashcards covering the official ETS outline's topics. Pop this subject into your Brainscape library for THE most efficient way to study for the GRE Psychology test!

The Cognitive Science of Why Brainscape Works

As described above, the greatest benefit of using Brainscape is our unique implementation of spaced repetition called Confidence-Based Repetition (CBR). CBR is a system of optimized learning that allows you to study as efficiently as possible and to free up your time for other things.

Every time you study a flashcard with Brainscape, the system asks you how well you knew the answer on a scale of 1-5. Based on your own confidence rating, Brainscape then uses an algorithm to determine just how soon to show you the card again, with low-confidence items being repeated more frequently until you have reported a higher rating.

For example, let's say you were studying the Asch Conformity Study. You might be asked the date and place of the study and the findings. If you could not remember any details, you would rate yourself a "1." Because of this rating, Brainscape would show you the flashcard again in perhaps five or ten flashcards from now. The next time you viewed the flashcard, you could either upgrade your rating to a “2” or a “3,” which would decrease the frequency with which you were then shown the card, or you could keep the score at a “1” if you were still having trouble remembering the details.

By doing this, you are, in essence, curating your own personal learning stream. The system uses three major mental processes that help us build our memory: Active Recall, Metacognition, and Spaced Repetition.

Active Recall is where you practice recalling a piece of information rather than simply recognizing it, say, for example, on a series of multiple choices. The use of this retrieval method aids the strengthening of your neuron connections, and you will be able to remember for longer and apply the knowledge you have learned.

As you reflect upon how well you knew the fact or concept, Metacognition is invoked. The act of rating your own understanding of the subject matter is well known in cognitive science to strengthen learning and deepen the memory trace.

Spaced Repetition's final process allows for the knowledge to be retained as it is repeated at the correct frequency so that it is memorized effectively. Learning scientists have found that with an increased effort to recall something, the greater the hippocampus will work to build new long-term memory neuron connections in your prefrontal cortex.

Academic studies have proven that Active Recall, Metacognition, and Spaced Repetition are the key to effective learning. However, nothing on the market applies all these concepts as effectively as Brainscape.

Start building better study habits with Brainscape today!