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Unit 1 (Chapter 1, Part 1)
What do you call the study of life,
What are the first 5 levels level...,
What are the last 5 levels levels...
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Unit 1 (Chapter 1, Part 2)
What do you call a unit of heredity,
What does rna stand for,
What specific type of rna are mos...
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Unit 1 (Chapter 1, Part 3)
What is an organism studied by ma...,
What is the scientific method,
What is the study of interactions...
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Chapter 1 (Main Assignment Questions)
What is the study of life called,
What are emergent properties,
What do you call a change in an o...
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Unit 1 (Chapter 2, Part 1)
What is the study of the nature o...,
What is organic chemistry,
What is anything that has mass an...
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Unit 1 (Chapter 2, Part 2)
What is a form of an element that...,
What does the number to the left ...,
T f isotopes of an atom have simi...
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Unit 1 (Chapter 2, Part 3) pH
What is the liquid form of h2o,
The percentages 70 80 and 90 make...,
What is the difference between in...
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Unit 1 (Chapter 2, Test Yourself Questions)
_______________ makes up the nucl...,
Living organisms are composed of ...,
The ability of an atom to attract...
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Unit 1 (Chapter 3 Part 1)
What is a carbon containing molec...,
What are other organic molecules ...,
What was vitalism
29  cards
Unit 1 (Chapter 3 Part 2) Carbs
What are carbon containing organi...,
What are most carbohydrates linke...,
What are simple sugars usually sw...
32  cards
Unit 1 (Chapter 3 Part 3) Lipids
What is a molecule composed of pr...,
What is a molecule composed of th...,
What is another name for a trigly...
27  cards
Unit 1 (Chapter 3 Part 4) Proteins
What is a functional unit compose...,
What are the different categories...,
What elements are proteins compos...
38  cards
Unit 1 (Chapter 3 Part 5) Nucleic Acids
What accounts for 2 of the weight...,
What is the importance of nucleic...,
What determines whether an organi...
18  cards
Unit 1 (Chapter 3, Test Yourself Questions)
Molecules that are found in livin...,
The versatility of carbon that al...,
Which of the following type s of ...
11  cards
Unit 1 (Chapter 4, Part 1)
What is the study of individual c...,
What is a theory that states that...,
What are the four stages to under...
38  cards
Unit 1 (Chapter 4, Part 2)
What types of interactions create...,
What are the four factors of cell...,
What are the two categories of al...
51  cards
Unit 1 (Chapter 4, Part 3) Cytosol
What is the region of a eukaryoti...,
What is the sum of all bodily act...,
What is the series of steps calle...
29  cards
Unit 1 (Chapter 4, Part 4) Nucleus and Endomembrane System
Where can you find genetic materi...,
What is a network of membranes th...,
What is a double membrane structu...
57  cards
Unit 1 (Chapter 4, Part 5) Semiautonomous Organelles
What is a mitochondrion,
What does the intermembrane space...,
Since the inner membrane is invag...
17  cards
Unit 1 (Chapter 4, Part 6) Protein Sorting to Organelles
What is the sorting signal,
Where does the synthesis of most ...,
What provides the amino acids whi...
13  cards
Unit 1 (Chapter 4, Test Yourself Questions)
The cell theory states thatall li...,
For a microscope resolution refer...,
A spherical cell has a radius of ...
67  cards
Unit 2 (Week 4)
What is any membrane made by livi...,
What are the two primary componen...,
What is the phospholipid bilayer
94  cards
Unit 2 (Week 4 Assignment Questions)
What separates the internal conte...,
The three main types of macromole...,
What is the basic structure of th...
37  cards
Unit 2 (Week 5) Enzymes, Temp, pH and Specificity
Which compound comes from willow ...,
What do the drugs aspirin and ibu...,
What is a process in which one or...
106  cards
Unit 2 (Week 5 Assignment Questions)
Reactions that release free energ...,
Enzymes speed up reactions byprov...,
For the idealized reaction aa bb ...
68  cards
Unit 2 (Week 6) Cellular Respiration
What is the process by which livi...,
What does metabolism have that fi...,
What is the primary aim of cellul...
94  cards
Unit 2 (Week 6 Assignment Questions)
Which of the following pathways o...,
The net products of glycolysis ar...,
During glycolysis atp is produced...
98  cards
Unit 2 (Week 7 Photosynthesis)
What is the process whereby light...,
What is the first of two stages i...,
What is the second stage in the p...
231  cards
Unit 3 (Week 8 Nucleic Acid Structure DNA Replication and Chromosome Structure)
What carries the genetic instruct...,
What provides the blueprint to cr...,
What are the four key criteria fo...
231  cards
Unit 3 (Week 9 Gene Expression at a Molecular Level)
Fun fact the degree of obesity is...,
What can we broadly define a gene as,
What do geneticists view at diffe...
138  cards
Unit 3 (Week 10 Gene Regulation)
What is the gene function either ...,
What is the ability of cells to c...,
What are unregulated genes that h...
135  cards
Unit 3 (Week 11 Mutations DNA Repair and Cancer)
The children at this camp have in...,
Should we be afraid of mutations,
A mutation is best defined as ___...
77  cards
Unit 3 (Week 11 Genetic Technologies and Genomics)
What is hemophilia a and why does...,
What protein is in hemophilia a w...,
How is factor viii made if it is ...
149  cards
Unit 4 (Week 12 Mitosis and Meiosis)
161 start the eukaryotic cell cyc...,
What is a series of events that l...,
What is the field of genetics tha...
214  cards
Unit 4 (Week 13 Patterns of Inheritance)
What is the transmission of chara...,
What was the idea that the determ...,
Information on different types of...
168  cards
Unit 4 (Week 14 Epigenetics, Linkage, and Extranuclear Inheritance)
Mendelian inheritance patterns fo...,
Select all that applywhat are the...,
Who coined the term epigenetics i...
133  cards
Unit 4 (Week 15 Genetics of Viruses and Bacteria)
In bacterial meningitis what do t...,
What is a virus or microorganism ...,
How do bacteria even though they ...
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