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Microscopy (Chapter 1)
What are the four types of micros...,
What are the two types of light m...,
What is the definition of magnifi...
30  cards
Cells (Chapter 1)
List the features to label an ani...,
List the features to label an pla...,
54  cards
Photosynthesis (Chapter 13)
What are photo autotrophs,
What are chemoautotrophs,
What is photosynthesis
102  cards
Genetic Technology (Chapter 19)
What is the aim of genetic engine...,
What is dna that has been altered...,
What is recombinant dna rdna
85  cards
The Kidneys and Osmoregulation (Chapter 14)
Describe the structure of the 4 t...,
Describe the structure of the kidney,
What are the 3 main areas of the ...
59  cards
Biological Molecules (Chapter 2)
What is a biochemical,
What is metabolism,
What are anabolic reactions
146  cards
Cell Membranes (Chapter 4)
What is the main function of the ...,
What are other functions of membr...,
What are characteristics of biolo...
52  cards
Gas Exchange and Smoking (Chapter 9)
What are the lungs surrounded by ...,
Describe the order of the breathi...,
What do trachea and bronchi conta...
66  cards
Transport in Mammals (Chapter 8)
What is the mammalian circulation...,
What is the function of arteries,
What are the three layers of musc...
112  cards
Cell Transport (Chapter 4)
Define diffusion,
Describe diffusion,
What factors affect the rate at w...
67  cards
Enzymes (Chapter 3)
Define an enzyme,
What is a catalyst,
What is an enzyme
71  cards
The Mitotic Cell Cycle + Chromosomes (Chapter 5)
What is a chromosome,
What is the structure of the chro...,
Why is a chromosome made up of tw...
68  cards
Nucleic Acids + Protein Synthesis (Chapter 6)
What are the two types of nucleic...,
What does dna stand for,
What does rna stand for
55  cards
Experiments to know (Chapter 4 and 3)
What is visking dialysis tubing,
How could you demonstrate diffusi...,
How could you demonstrate diffusi...
22  cards
Antibiotics and Infectious Disease Definitions (Chapter 10)
What is an antibiotic,
How do antibiotics work,
Describe the structure of bacteri...
41  cards
Meiosis and Gametogenesis (Chapter 16)
What are homologous chromosomes,
Where are the chromosomes from in...,
How many sets of how many chromos...
57  cards
Genetics (Chapter 16)
What is a dominant allele,
What is a recessive allele,
What are codominant alleles
84  cards
Genetic Technology in Medicine (Chapter 19)
How can human proteins be produce...,
Name two human proteins produced ...,
What is the advantage of using ba...
60  cards
Coordination in Plants (Chapter 15)
How does the venus fly trap respo...,
How does the venus fly trap close,
How does the venus fly trap diges...
40  cards
Aerobic Respiration, Energy and ATP (Chapter 12)
What are the 4 stages of respiration,
What is glycolysis,
Where does glycolysis occur
81  cards
The immune response, antibodies and WBC count (Chapter 11)
Define immunity,
What 3 things constitute the exte...,
What is an antigen
64  cards
Immunity, vaccination, Mabs + autoimmune diseases (Chapter 11)
What is active immunity,
What is natural active immunity,
What is artificial active immunity
64  cards
Transport of Water in Plants (Chapter 7)
Why do transport systems needed i...,
Why are transport systems not nee...,
For transport of what substances ...
49  cards
Structures of Plants (Chapter 7)
What is the epidermis,
What is the epidermis covered wit...,
What does the epidermis have in l...
22  cards
Transport in Xylem and Phloem (Chapter 7)
What are the two possible pathway...,
Describe briefly the symplastic p...,
Describe briefly the apoplastic p...
78  cards
Genetic Technology in Agriculture (Chapter 19)
What proteins for use in medicine...,
What are most gm plants,
What is oil seed rape
39  cards
Anaerobic Respiration incl. rice , Mitochondria + Respiratory Substrates (Chapter 12)
What happens when oxygen is not p...,
What is necessary for a cell to g...,
What are the two different anaero...
62  cards
The nervous system and reflexes (Chapter 15)
What do communication systems wit...,
What do receptors detect and why,
What are the two types of informa...
31  cards
Resting + Action Potentials and Receptors (Chapter 15)
What do neurones transmit,
What are electrical impulses signals,
Describe the resting potential
45  cards
Synapses and Muscle Contraction (Chapter 15)
What is a synaptic cleft,
What is a synapse,
What is synaptic transmission
61  cards
Hormonal Communication, Menstrual Cycle and Birth Control (Chapter 15)
Although control by the nervous s...,
Where are hormones made,
What are endocrine glands
39  cards
Homeostatic Control, Excretion and Thermoregulation (Chapter 14)
What is homeostasis,
What does homeostasis require,
Name 6 physiological factors cont...
64  cards
Control of Blood Glucose (Chapter 14)
What happens to carbohydrate in t...,
What is the concentration of gluc...,
What happens when there is a low ...
45  cards
Homeostasis in Plants (Chapter 14)
Why is homeostasis in plants impo...,
What controls the entry of co2 in...,
What is a stoma
29  cards
Variation and Artificial Selection (Chapter 17)
What are the 5 things that cause ...,
How does independent assortment c...,
How does mutation cause genetic v...
50  cards
Natural Selection and Evolution (Chapter 17)
What is genetic drift,
What is the founder effect,
What do selection pressures do
53  cards
Evolution and Speciation (Chapter 17)
What is speciation,
What is a species,
What is a morphological feature
56  cards
Biodiversity (Chapter 18)
What is a species,
What is an ecosystem,
What is a habitat
44  cards
Assessing Species Diversity (Chapter 18)
What is the first task when asses...,
What are used to identify organis...,
What is a pooter and how does it ...
50  cards
Classification (Chapter 18)
What is classification,
Why do we group organisms into ca...,
What is taxonomy
32  cards
What is the best way to conserve ...,
What human activities can be limi...,
What are national parks
63  cards
Gene Control in Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes (Chapter 16)
What is transcription of a gene c...,
What are transcription factrors,
What are structural genes
27  cards
Cholera, Malaria and Measles (Chapter 10)
What is the pathogen that causes ...,
What is the site of action of vib...,
What are the symptoms of cholera
37  cards
HIV/AIDS and TB (Chapter 10)
What does aids stand for,
What is the pathogen of aids,
What are the three methods of tra...
37  cards

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