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Ch 1: Evolution and the Foundations of Biology
A biological system is any system...,
__________ seeks to reduce comple...,
In an ecosystem nutrients _____ a...
4  cards
Ch 2: The Chemical Context of Life
What are the emergent properties ...,
An emergent property is a charact...
2  cards
Ch 3: Carbon and the Molecular Diversity of Life
Single sugar molecules are called...,
In the structure of glucose we ca...,
A carbonyl group is called a ____...
57  cards
Ch 4: A Tour of the Cell
Drag each cell structure to the a...,
Where in the cell are lipids synt...,
What are 3 main function of the s...
43  cards
Ch 5: Membrane Transport and Cell Signaling
Some solutes are able to pass dir...,
Carrier proteins and channels are...,
Some solutes pass readily through...
55  cards
Ch 6: An Introduction to Metabolism
What is a catabolic pathway,
What type of metabolic pathway co...,
What is bioenergetics
41  cards
Ch 7: Cellular Respiration and Fermentation
Which of the following statements...,
Which stage of glucose metabolism...,
Cellular respiration begins with ...
45  cards
Ch 8: Photosynthesis
Which of the following statements...,
What happens along an electron tr...,
Which of the following is a true ...
77  cards
Ch 9: The Cell Cycle
Animal cytokinesis does not invol...,
Microfilaments play a role in ani...,
The new separating plasma membran...
52  cards
Ch 10: Meiosis and Sexual Life Cycles
In most eukaryotic organisms we a...,
What does the term haploid refer to,
Gametes produced from one meiotic...
3  cards
Ch 11: Mendel and the Gene Idea
Who is gregor mendel,
Why were pea plants beneficial fo...,
The law if independent assortment...
6  cards
Ch 12: The Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance
Summarize the chromosome theory o...,
A cell goes through s phase meios...,
During a single crossover event h...
58  cards
Ch 13: The Molecular Basis of Inheritance
What is the role of dna primase d...,
What is the role of dna polymeras...,
What is the role of dna helicase ...
19  cards
Ch 16: Development, Stem Cells, and Cancer
In drosophila cytoplasmic determi...,
Edward b lewis was a visionary am...,
Nusslein volhard and wieschaus ev...
4  cards
Ch 18: Genomes and Their Evolution
Homeotic genes that control the f...,
Homeotic genes in animals were na...,
Developmental biologists have fou...
6  cards
Ch 19: Descent with Modification
Who developed a hypothesis of nat...,
The origin of species explains th...,
The following 5 vegetables have a...
11  cards
Ch 20: Phylogeny
What is an outgroup on a phylogen...,
A taxon is equivalent to a _____ ...,
A __________ group meaning beside...
27  cards
Ch 21: The Evolution of Populations
Each organism s traits affect its...,
Define microevolution,
Natural selection is not the only...
45  cards
Ch 22: The Origin of Species
What is a species,
Species is latin for,
There are 3 major concepts by whi...
27  cards
Ch 23: Broad Patterns of Evolution
Figure 2320 changes in sequence o...,
To examine the workings of this g...,
While a change in the nucleotide ...
4  cards
Ch 25: The Origin and Diversification of Eukaryotes
How old are the oldest widely acc...,
Focusing on three stages document...,
Which two organelles are thought ...
31  cards
Ch 26: The Colonization of Land
Some green algae exhibit alternat...,
Homoplasies and shared derived tr...,
The process of meiosis produces _...
59  cards
Ch 27: The Rise of Animal Diversity
_______ is an ancestral protist w...,
Eumetazoa represents the origin o...,
Most animals are invertebrates
20  cards
Ch 28: Vascular Plant Structure and Growth
The suffix phyll refers to ______,
60  cards
Ch 29: Resource Acquisition, Nutrition, and Transport in Vascular Plants
Define apoplast,
Movement of water and minerals th...,
Plants do use oxygen but they mak...
38  cards
Quiz on Seeds, and AMF (mini-exam 3 content)
In a mature seed the plumule is m...,
Most seeds are durable enough to ...,
Seed germination is initiated by ...
15  cards
Ch 30: Reproduction and Domestication of Flowering Plants
Carpels and stamens are reproduct...,
________ flowers have all four ba...,
What is meant by the term simple ...
50  cards
Ch 31: Plant Responses to Internal and External Signals
What is etiolation de etiolation,
Effects of light on plants,
17  cards
Ch 32: The Internal Environment of Animals: Organization and Regulation
The signaling molecules broadcast...,
Depending on which cells have ___...,
In the nervous system signals cal...
56  cards
Ch 33: Animal Nutrition
All animals eat _____ _________ m...,
An adequate diet must satisfy wha...,
To build the complex molecules it...
22  cards
Ch 34: Circulation and Gas Exchange
Not all organisms have circulator...,
A circulatory system is only need...,
Surface area to volume ratio of a...
10  cards
Ch 35: The Immune System
Which secretion is not a barrier ...,
True or false the leukocytes of t...,
How do cells involved in the inna...
31  cards
Ch 36: Reproduction and Development
Sexual reproduction would be less...,
Remember reproductive isolation m...,
Which of the following would be e...
6  cards
Ch 37: Neurons, Synapses, and Signaling
The ability of a neuron to receiv...,
A neuron also has a single axon a...,
Each branched end of an axon tran...
54  cards
Ch 39: Motor Mechanisms and Behavior
Muscle cell contraction relies on...,
The thick filaments are staggered...,
Do muscle cells have one nuclei e...
17  cards
Ch 40: Population Ecology and the Distribution of Organisms
The tilt of the earth s axis rela...,
The spin of the earth produces th...,
The trade winds are based on wher...
11  cards
Ch 9: The Cell Cycle COPY
Animal cytokinesis does not invol...,
Microfilaments play a role in ani...,
The new separating plasma membran...
52  cards

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