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1.1 Cell Introduction
What are the 3 main principles of...,
What are 3 examples of cells tiss...,
What component of cell theory do ...
94  cards
1.2 Cell Structure
What organelle main do prokaryote...,
What 2 domains are prokaryotes di...,
Where are archaebacteria found
66  cards
1.3 Membrane Structure
What is the structure of a phosph...,
What is the structure of a phosph...,
What are ph
51  cards
1.4 Membrane Transport
What are 2 key qualities that cel...,
What does it mean that a membrane...,
What does it mean that a membrane...
91  cards
1.5 The Origin of Cells
What is abiogenesis,
Over what 4 stages did abiogenesi...,
How were simple organic molecules...
34  cards
1.6 Cell Cycle
What is the cell cycle,
What are the 2 phases of the cell...,
What are the 3 sub stages of inte...
94  cards
2.1 Molecular Biology
What is the main role of molecula...,
What are biological processes reg...,
What are changes in activity usua...
58  cards
2.2 Water
What is water made of,
How are the electrons distributed...,
Which element in water attracts e...
54  cards
2.3 Carbohydrate and Lipid
What are carbohydrates made of,
What are carbohydrates made of,
What reaction links carbohydrates
76  cards
2.4 Amino Acids
What are proteins composed of,
What is the structure of a genera...,
How many different amino acids ar...
56  cards
2.5 Enzymes
What is an enzyme,
Do enzymes get used up,
How are enzymes named
57  cards
2.6 RNA/DNA Structure
What are nucleic acids,
What are nucleic acids composed of,
What is each nucleotide composed ...
32  cards
2.7 DNA -> Protein
What type of process id dna repli...,
What two enzymes control dna repl...,
What is the role of helicase
64  cards
3.1 Genes
What is dna,
What features does dna code for 3,
What is dna packaged into
39  cards
3.2 Chromosomes
Do prokaryotes possess a nucleus,
What does the genetic material of...,
What packaging does the dna of a ...
75  cards
3.3 Meiosis
What is meiosis,
What does meiosis involve,
What does the first meiotic divis...
66  cards
3.4 Inheritance
Who was gregor mendel,
What was his first experiment,
What did he do with the f1 genera...
133  cards
3.5 Genetic Modification
What is pcr,
What is pcr used for,
How many dna molecules does each ...
134  cards
4.1 Species and Ecosystems
What is a species,
Can members from one species repr...,
What happens when two different s...
48  cards
4.2 Energy Flow
What does it mean if an organism ...,
What is the initial source for mo...,
What is an exception to a communi...
42  cards
4.3 Carbon Cycling
What is the carbon cycle,
What are the four spheres,
In what 4 forms can carbon be exc...
95  cards
4.4 Climate Change
What do greenhouse gases absorb e...,
What of the earth s atmosphere is...,
Which greenhouse gases have the l...
78  cards
5.1 Evidence for Evolution
What is evolution in its most sim...,
What does biological evolution in...,
How are heritable characteristics...
78  cards
5.2 Natural Selection
Who proposed the theory of natura...,
What species is most likely to su...,
In response to what conditions do...
89  cards
Features of bryophyta 4,
Features of filicinophyta ferns 3,
Features of coniferophyta conifers 3
65  cards
5.4 Cladistics
What is cladistics,
What does each clade consist of,
What will members of a clade share
50  cards
6.1 Digestion
What are the 2 major groups of or...,
What does the alimentary canal co...,
What are the accessory organs
214  cards
6.2 The Blood System
Who developed today s understandi...,
Where were harvey s findings publ...,
Whose findings were popular befor...
222  cards
6.4 Gas Exchange
What is ventilation,
What is ventilation essential for,
Where does gas exchange occur
100  cards
6.5 Neurons & Synapses
What are neurons,
What is the role of the nervous s...,
Why may neurons differ
105  cards
7.1 DNA Structure
What problem did scientists in th...,
Why did scientists had trouble de...,
Who carried out an experiment to ...
92  cards
7.2 Transcription
What is a gene,
What is a promoter,
Where is the core promoted located
75  cards
7.3 Translation
What are ribosomes made of,
What two subunits do ribosomes co...,
What does the small subunit consi...
65  cards
8.1 Metabolism
What is metabolism,
What do most chemical reactions r...,
What is the general role of metab...
80  cards
8.2 Cell Respiration
What is atp,
Where is the energy for atp stored,
Why is atp a readily reactive mol...
136  cards
8.3 Photosynthesis
What is photosynthesis,
What does photosynthesis require,
Where does photosynthesis occur w...
119  cards
9.1 Xylem Transport
What is transpiration,
1 what role does light energy pla...,
2 what does the evaporation of wa...
111  cards
9.2 Phloem Transport
What is translocation,
What is the source,
What is the isnk
66  cards
9.3 Plant Growth
What are meristems,
What type of cells are meristems ...,
What is one difference between me...
66  cards
9.4 Plant Reproduction
In what 3 ways can plants reproduce,
What does sexual reproduction in ...,
What 3 phases are involved in the...
88  cards
10.1 Meiosis
What is interphase,
When is dna replicated during int...,
What are the two identical dna st...
44  cards
10.2 Inheritance
What does it mean if alleles are ...,
Why are some alleles unlinked,
What does independent segregation...
55  cards
10.3 Speciation
What is a gene pool,
What does a large gene pool indicate,
What does a small gene pool indicate
95  cards
11.2 Movement
What systems control movement,
How does the skeletal system help...,
How does the muscular system help...
85  cards
11.3 The Kidney
What is excretion,
Is defecation considered part of ...,
What are the two key functions of...
133  cards
11.4 Sexual Reproduction
What is gametogenesis,
What is the male version of gamet...,
What is the female version of gam...
148  cards
D1 Human Nutrition
What is a nutrient,
What are the 6 classes of nutrient,
What are essential nutrients
122  cards
D2 Digestion
What is the role of exocrine glands,
What 2 places do exocrine glands ...,
What are 4 examples of digestive ...
84  cards
D3 Functions of the Liver
What is the liver,
What artery leads to the liver an...,
What vessel lead to the liver not...
71  cards
D4 The Heart
What is the heart composed of and...,
What are the 4 basic specialisati...,
What does it mean that cardiac mu...
89  cards
D6 Gas Transport
What is the inner surface of the ...,
What is the structure of type 1 p...,
What is the structure of type 2 p...
88  cards
6.6 Homeostasis
Will the body always need to prod...,
What can high levels of glucose i...,
What are the two hormones control...
134  cards
6.3 Disease Defences
What is the first line of defence,
What are examples of the first li...,
What does the skin protect
87  cards
D5 Hormones and Metabolism
What is the endocrine system comp...,
What is a hormone,
Are hormones non specific
55  cards
11.1 Antibody Production
What does it mean if the immune s...,
What does the immune system attac...,
What identifies cells as self
121  cards
AI Flashcards
What is epigenetics,
How is gene control achieved,
What is the correlation between e...
26  cards

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