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1.1 Introduction to cells
When was the cell theory established,
What are the rules of the cell th...,
Examples of atypical cells
97  cards
1.2 Ultrastructure of cells
Prokaryotes are considered to be ...,
Prokaryotes include ___,
Where are prokaryotes found
63  cards
1.3 Membrane structure
Diagram of a phospholipid membrane,
Who proposed the fluid mosaic model,
When was the fluid mosaic model p...
40  cards
1.4 Membrane transport
Define diffusion,
What are the two types of diffusion,
Diagram showing passive vs active...
64  cards
1.5 The origin of cells
What does the cell theory suggest,
Who was louis pasteur,
Louis pasteur s experiment dispro...
37  cards
1.6 Cell division
What are the three main stages th...,
Diagram showing the three stages ...,
102  cards
2.1 Molecules to metabolism
Organic compounds,
Structure of methane
64  cards
2.2 Water
Structure of water,
Charge of water,
The symbol delta is used to denot...
66  cards
2.3 Carbohydrates and lipids
What are carbohydrates,
How can carbohydrates be classified,
What are monosaccharides
128  cards
2.4 Proteins
What are polypeptides,
A generalised diagram of an amino...,
Initially two amino acids bind in...
77  cards
2.5 Enzymes
What are enzymes,
What is the active site of an enzyme,
What is the active site a result of
66  cards
2.6 Structure of DNA and RNA
The basic structures of dna and r...,
Structure of dna and rna,
Differences between the structure...
30  cards
2.7 DNA replication, transcription and translation
What are the two steps in which c...,
Diagram showing an overview of ho...,
What happens when a cell divides
99  cards
2.8 Cell respiration
Define cellular respiration,
Cellular respiration involves ___
59  cards
2.9 Photosynthesis
Equation for photosynthesis,
What is photosynthesis,
The first photosynthetic organism...
73  cards
3.1 Genes
Why are living organisms what the...,
Where is genetic information stored,
What is an organism s genome
79  cards
3.2 Chromosomes
Electron migrograph of escherichi...,
What are prokaryotes,
What is a genome
90  cards
3.3 Meiosis
How is an offspring produced duri...,
How is an offspring produced duri...,
What happens prior to the start o...
122  cards
3.4 Inheritance
Describe how mendel made his disc...,
What did mendel discover as a res...,
What conclusions did mendel make ...
66  cards
3.5 Genetic modification and biotechnology
What is pcr and what is it used for,
Describe the stages of pcr,
What happens once large quantitie...
87  cards
4.1 Species, communities, and ecosystems
Table on big picture,
What is a species,
What are fertile offspring
112  cards
4.2 Energy flow
Diagram showing energy flow,
Where do all ecosystems on earth ...,
Which organisms have evolved to c...
61  cards
4.3 Carbon cycling
Describe the heaviness of co2,
How does the sinking of co2 affec...,
Describe the solubility of carbon...
97  cards
4.4 Climate change
What is the intensified natural g...,
Which two greenhouse gases have t...,
Give examples of greenhouse gases...
90  cards
Unit 4 definitions
18  cards
5.1 Evidence for evolution
What is evolution,
How are heritable factors transfe...,
When does something provide evide...
41  cards
5.2 Natural selection
Diagram showing natural selection,
Explain how not all variation is ...,
Give three causes of variation
52  cards
5.3 Classification of biodiversity
Convention for naming living orga...,
Convention for naming living orga...,
What is a genus
97  cards
5.4 Cladistics
What is a clade,
What is cladistics,
How can clades be organized
32  cards
6.1 Structure of the digestive system
Diagram of the digestive process,
Give an overview of the digestive...,
Labeled diagram of the human dige...
119  cards
6.2 The blood system
When is systolic pressure exerted,
What does systolic mean,
What is the diastolic portion
149  cards
6.3 Defense against infectious diseases
What is the primary way that the ...,
How do the oil and ph in the skin...,
Cross sectional diagram of the hu...
97  cards
6.4 Gas exchange
Diagram of the human lungs,
Diagram of gas exchange in an alv...,
What is ventilation
64  cards
6.5 Neurons and synapses
Diagram of the pain reflex,
Neuron is another name for a ___,
How many neurons does the human b...
98  cards
6.6 Hormones, homeostasis, and reproduction
Diagram showing the organs involv...,
What are the limits bewteen which...,
Why do blood gluose values need t...
136  cards
7.1 DNA structure and replication
What proteins is eukaryotic dna v...,
Describe the structure of a nucle...,
Diagram of a nucleosome
109  cards
7.2 Transcription and gene expression
When a gene is transcribed the dn...,
How does rna polymerase move when...,
Diagram of the promoter region of...
77  cards
7.3 Translation
Diagram of the genetic code,
When does translation start,
How many stages are there of tran...
89  cards
8.1 Metabolism
Different sources of atp in the h...,
What is a metabolic pathway,
Characteristics of metabolic path...
71  cards
8.2 Cell respiration
Define respiration,
What is the chemical equation for...,
What is the equation for aerobic ...
82  cards
8.3 Photosynthesis
Where does photosynthesis take place,
Photosynthesis can be roughly div...,
What are the two processes that p...
89  cards
9.1 Transport in the xylem of plants
What is transpiration,
How do plants absorb water and wh...,
Describe photosynthesis in plants
122  cards
9.2 Transport in the phloem of plants
Diagram showing transport and exc...,
What portion of plant cells perfo...,
How do the plant cells that perfo...
82  cards
9.3 Growth in plants
How is growth different in animal...,
Explain how plants grow and where...,
What causes the indeterminate gro...
75  cards
9.4 Reproduction in plants
What has to happen for a plant to...,
Gene expression in flowering,
Give examples of the sets of cond...
113  cards
10.1 Meiosis
What does meiosis lead to,
What happens in prophase of mitosis,
What happens in prophase i of mei...
56  cards
10.2 Inheritance
What is it necessary to know in o...,
What are punnet squares,
What are monohybrid and dihybrid ...
83  cards
10.3 Gene pools and speciation
What is a species,
What is the ability of species to...,
What is a population
123  cards
11.1 Antibody production and vaccination
Simplified diagram showing some c...,
What does the surface of our cell...,
What organisms other can act as a...
94  cards
11.2 Movement
What do muscles need to be able t...,
Describe the hid legs of some ins...,
Diagram of the hind limb of a coc...
63  cards
11.3 The kidney and osmoregulation
What are the three main forms tha...,
At the same time that animals exc...,
Depending on what are animals cla...
107  cards
11.4 Sexual reproduction
What is sexual reproduction,
Define gametogenesis,
What is spermatogenesis
124  cards
D.1 Human nutrition
What is a balanced diet,
What are the causes of malnutriti...,
What is a nutrient
168  cards
D.2 Digestion
Diagram of digestive system,
What kind of mechanisms control t...,
What actions can trigger the secr...
120  cards
D.3 Functions of the liver
Diagram of the liver and gall bla...,
How is the liver supplied with ox...,
What is the hepatic artery
111  cards
D.4 The heart
What is cardiac muscle,
Describe the structure of cardiac...,
What does the structure of cardia...
112  cards
D.5 Hormones and metabolism
What are hormones involved in reg...,
Hormones are produced by the ___ ...,
How are hormones distributed thro...
86  cards
D.6 Transport of respiratory gases
Define gaseous exchange,
What is the main purpose of the a...,
The cells forming the alveolus ar...
102  cards
Required Practical 1: Calculation of magnification of drawings, actual size of structures from drawings or micrographs.
Independent and dependent variables,
Equation to calculate magnification,
Equation to calculate actual size...
8  cards
Required Practical 2: Estimation of osmolarity in tissues
What is osmolarity,
Independent variable,
Dependent variable
10  cards
Required Practical 3: Investigation of a factor affecting enzyme activity
Apparatus diagram,
Source substrate and product of c...,
Possible independent variables
9  cards
Required Practical 4: Chromatography
Independent variable,
Dependent variable,
14  cards
Required Practical 5: Mesocosm
What are mesocosms,
What materials can be used to mak...,
Building the foundation
9  cards
Required Practical 7: Rate of transpiration using a potometer
Research question,
Independent variabel,
Dependent variable
9  cards
Final exam definitions
Active transport,
215  cards
Plant biology definitions
2  cards
1.1 Introduction to cells COPY
When was the cell theory established,
What are the rules of the cell th...,
Examples of atypical cells
97  cards
1.6 Cell division COPY
What are the three main stages th...,
Diagram showing the three stages ...,
101  cards

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