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The biological hallmarks of cancer
What are the 10 hallmarks of cancer,
What are the major changes in cancer,
How does the immune response resp...
7  cards
Models of carcinogenesis
Describe the pathogenesis of cancer,
What are the 3 assumptions made i...,
What are the 5 models of carcinog...
23  cards
Introduction to oncogenes
What is the difference between pr...,
What are the 2 types of oncogene ...,
What are the alterations that occ...
19  cards
Introduction to tumour suppressor genes
Define tumour suppressor genes tsg,
What was the first tsg discovered,
What is the two hit hypothesis
23  cards
Genome instability
Define genome instability,
Explain genome instability in cancer,
What are the two types of genome ...
15  cards
DNA damage and repair
How does dna get damaged endogeno...,
How does dna get damaged exogenou...,
What sort of changes occur
24  cards
Chromosomes, Cancer and the Cancer Genome
What are the features in cancer g...,
What are the two types of cin
24  cards
Inherited predisposition to cancer
What percentage of cancers are in...,
What are the characteristics of c...,
What are cancer predisposition genes
16  cards
Viruses and cancer
What are the two effects of viruses,
What chronic virus infections are...,
What are the two ways in which ch...
24  cards
Papilloma virus and cervical cancer
What are the two types of cervica...,
What is the survival rate of cerv...,
What is the incidence of cervical...
16  cards
Epstein Barr virus and cancer
What are the 3 classifications of...,
What are the characteristics of ebv,
When does ebv infect b cells
32  cards
Signal transduction and cancer
What are the 4 main forms of intr...,
What are the general rules of sig...,
What are post translational modif...
12  cards
Common signalling pathways of development of cancer
What causes cancer,
What processes occur during tumou...,
How are the developmental pathway...
17  cards
Cell cycle and cancer
What is the cell cycle,
What are the 4 stages of the cell...,
Describe the g1 phase
16  cards
Cell senescence and cancer
What is cell senescence,
What causes cell senescence,
How is cell senescence identified
21  cards
Cell death and cancer
What 3 mechanisms cause cell death,
What are the function of apoptosis,
Examples of apoptosis
24  cards
Cancer stem cells
What is a stem cell,
What is cell differentiation,
What is the relationship between ...
25  cards
Angiogenesis and cancer treatment
What are the functions of angioge...,
What are the 3 types of angiogenesis,
What are some pro and anti angiog...
18  cards
Inflammation and cancer
What happens in acute inflammation,
What happens in chronic inflammation,
What infiltrates the tumour micro...
22  cards
Cell motility and migration
What is the function of cell moti...,
What controls cell motility and m...,
How do we know that small gtpases...
17  cards
Progression and metastasis
Explain caricinogenesis,
What are the characteristics of a...,
What are the main steps of tumour...
17  cards
Diagnosis of cancer
What are some problems with cance...,
Signs and symptoms of cancer,
What is involved in an oncology exam
5  cards
Radiation - cause and cure of cancer
What are the two main types of ra...,
What is linear energy transfer let,
What are hydroxyl radicals
15  cards
Cytotoxic chemotherapy, radiotherapy and drug resistance I
What are the current cancer treat...,
List some stats on 5 yr survival ...,
What is adjuvant therapy
21  cards
Cytotoxic chemotherapy, radiotherapy and drug resistance II
What is drug resistance,
What are the 3 groups of chemosen...,
What are the 2 forms of resistance
21  cards
Immune surveilance
How does the immune system play a...,
Can the body defend against cancer,
What are the 3 ways the immune sy...
27  cards
Immunotherapy and cancer
What are some immune modulators,
What are coleys toxins,
What is bcg
22  cards
Immunotherapy and cancer II
What are lak cells,
Describe nk cells,
Describe lak cells
26  cards
In vitro models of investigating cancer
What is necrosis,
What are the 3 forms of cell death,
How does cell death deregulation ...
12  cards
In vivo models of investigating cancer
Describe control of cell delamina...,
What are some molecular modulator...,
What is the effect of mechanical ...
12  cards
Biology of prostate cancer
What are some prostate cancer stats,
What cells make up the prostate,
What type of gland is the prostat...
32  cards
Melanoma: Mechanisms, Management, Research
Melanomas vs moles clark scale 4 ...,
What are the 2 layers of the dermis,
Define rgp and vgp
20  cards
Cancer in children
What are the most common cancers ...,
What are the known risk factors o...,
Describe acute lymphoblastic leuk...
13  cards
Biology of colon cancer
Describe colorectal cancer,
What is the incidence of colorect...,
Where are colorectal cancers found
13  cards

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