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Cell Signalling and Oncogenes
What do cells respond to,
What do the pathways for cell sig...,
What do all signalling pathways i...
81  cards
What are the risk factors for pro...,
How is prostate cancer different ...,
What is considered to be a family...
60  cards
Tumour Suppressors
What is a tumour suppressor gene,
What are the different classifica...,
What do gatekeeper tumour supress...
63  cards
What is cancer,
What are the characteristics that...,
What is a benign cancer
93  cards
Cell Cycle Control and Cancer
What are the phases of the cell c...,
What happens in g1,
What happens in s phase
49  cards
Role of the Lab in the Diagnosis and Management of Tumours
What is the gold standard in the ...,
What of the work of a histology l...,
Why is it important that cancer d...
77  cards
Cancer Biomarkers
Define the term cancer biomarker,
What are the uses of cancer bioma...,
What biomolecules can be used as ...
53  cards
Cancer Invasion and Metastasis
When is a tumour considered to be...,
When is a tumour considered to be...,
How many different types of tumou...
52  cards
Radiotherapy in Cancer Management
What is radiation therapy,
What is the problem with radiatio...,
What cancer treatments are used t...
92  cards
What of patients with cancer can ...,
Why is prevention better than cur...,
Who does cancer have a huge impac...
58  cards
Biological Basis of Cancer Chemotherapy
What are the potential ways that ...,
What is local spread of cancer,
What cancers spread via the lymph...
51  cards

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