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Pandemics (A)
145  cards
Pandemics (B)
75  cards
Type 1 Diabetes (1)
Historical perspective of T1D and overview of disease pathogenesis
31  cards
Type 1 Diabetes (2)
Dysregulation of glucose homeostasis - pancreas biology and the endocrine system
29  cards
Type 1 Diabetes (3)
Organ specific autoimmunity - Rogue immune cells target the pancreatic beta cells
50  cards
Type 1 Diabetes (4)
Diagnosing and treating Type 1 Diabetes
26  cards
Type 1 Diabetes (5)
Mouse models vs human studies of T1D
36  cards
Type 1 Diabetes (6)
Eliminating T1D - Is prevention or cure possible?
42  cards
Cystic Fibrosis: Personal Perspectives
Brief overview of CF Experience of living with CF, a chronic and life-limiting condition Health and emotional impact
12  cards
Cystic Fibrosis: Molecular Basis
Be aware of discovery of the gene (CFTR) involved in causing cystic fibrosis Explain the molecular basis of cystic fibrosis - the CFTR protein and its structure Explain the role of CFTR in epithelial cells Distinguish the classes of CFTR gene mutations/variants and describe the most common variant Recognise the techniques for how variants are tested, especially panels
49  cards
Cystic Fibrosis: Clinical Genetics
Explain the inheritance nad prevalence of cystic fibrosis Describe the genotype-phenotype correlations Recognise genetic and environmental modifiers of CF Describe screening for CF - newborn, carrier (cascade and population)
41  cards
The Respiratory System and CF
Review - Normal Lung anatomy and development - Normal lung physiology - Lung function tests (spirometry) Pulmonary complications of CF Pathophysiology of lung disease in CF Microbial colonisation of the lung in CF
46  cards
Cystic Fibrosis: A Multisystem Disorder
Clinical features of CF - sweat glands - pancreas - liver - gastro-intestinal - skeletal - genito-urinary - renal - ENT - Cardiovascular - Skin
35  cards
Current and future therapies in CF
The role of physiotherapy The role of antimicrobials Managing pancreatic insufficiency Future therapies: Pharmacological, gene therapy
37  cards
Cancer Biology
No deck description has yet been added by the author.
38  cards
Cancer Immunology
No deck description has yet been added by the author.
32  cards
Skin Physiology and immunity
No deck description has yet been added by the author.
3  cards
Patient interview and therapeutics
No deck description has yet been added by the author.
0  cards
Immunotherapy for cancer
No deck description has yet been added by the author.
0  cards
Clinical Skin Cancer Overview
No deck description has yet been added by the author.
0  cards

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