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W1 LECT 3: Leucocytes
What is the basic functions of wbc s,
Types of wbc s and classification,
Name all the stages of neutrophil...
15  cards
W1 LECT 2: The red cell
Outine the characteristics of the...,
Describe the haemoglobin,
What is the function of the globi...
15  cards
W1 LECT 4: platelets
Where are platelets from,
How does megakaryocytes different...,
What helps with facilitating frag...
22  cards
W1 Lec 5- The bone marrow
What is hemapoiesis,
Define erythropoiesis,
What is the formation of platelet...
20  cards
W1- Approach to full blood count
3 blood components,
What are the 7 indices of red blo...,
Determines the type of anemia dep...
12  cards
W1: Hemolysis
What are the 3 functions of hemag...,
Discuss the oxygen dissociation c...,
What is haemolysis
20  cards
W1 Applications of public health
Where does hematological diseases...,
What is the risk factor for tb,
What is the importance of ph surv...
14  cards
Clin skills-Fluids
Name 2 types of body fluid compar...,
Name 2 types of extracellular fluids,
What determines or controls flow ...
18  cards
Clin skills 2 Intravenous IV Fluid Prescribing in Adults.pdf
Indications for intravenous fluids,
The 5rs to consider when prescrib...,
To decide what fluids we might ne...
9  cards
What is rouleaux,
What is rouleaux,
T f
17  cards
T f,
Normally there are about twice as...,
Describe the marrow cellularity o...
8  cards
What are the uses of aspirates,
Uses of triphine biopsy,
What are the consequences of iron...
11  cards
W2 LECT 1: Iron and anaemia
Where do we get iron from,
Outline features of iron obtained...,
Outline features of iron obtained...
25  cards
W2 LECT 2: Megaloblastic Anaemia
What is macrocytosis,
Reflects the red cell size on the...,
Blood cell indices measure in the...
34  cards
W2 LECT 3: Basic concepts in haemoglobinopathies
3 hemoglobin percentages within t...,
What are hemoglobinopathies,
Provide 2 main divisions of hemog...
18  cards
W2 LECT 4: Sickle cell disease
Sickle cell disease,
List the precipitants of sickling...,
Name the 2 divisions of pathophys...
16  cards
The subset of cells from which al...,
Features of hsc,
Two waves of hemapoiesis along th...
34  cards
Lecture 7.0 Pancytopenia 2024
Name 2 approaches to pancytopenia,
What are the acquired forms of hy...,
What are the congenital forms of ...
41  cards
W2 LECT 6: Asking the right questions
What are back ground questions,
What are the 2 component of backg...,
What are foreground questions
6  cards
Lecture 8.0 - Other blood parasites Notes
Sleeping sickness,
The 3rd subspecies which is an im...,
Name the 2 subspecies cause that ...
33  cards
Outline spherocytes,
What charaterise spherocytes,
What is
8  cards
W2 LECT 9: Malaria
What are the species of malaria,
Explain the life cycle of malaria,
Explain the pathogenesis of falci...
10  cards
W2 LECT 10: Pharm of drugs used in the management of malaria
What are the characteristics of m...,
Who are the pts at greater risk o...,
What are the symptoms of malaria
19  cards
clinical skills: intramuscular injection
What is intramuscular injection,
When should drugs be intramuscularly,
What are the common medications g...
14  cards
W3 LECT 1: Immunology of cancer
What is the tumour microenvironme...,
What are the key component of tme,
What is the function of the tme
19  cards
W3 LECT 2: introduction to blood tranfusion
What are the most rbc important a...,
What is the landsteiner s rule in...,
What are the 4 blood groups of th...
31  cards
W3 LECT 3: PBM and ethics of blood transfusion
What is global health,
What is health equity,
What are the negative impacts of ...
18  cards
Lecture 7: Pharmacology of Cancer & Malignancies
Group 1 of chemo drugs,
What is the mechanism of action o...,
What chemo drug agents make the a...
11  cards
Lecture 7.3 Cancer Pharmacology Part 2
What is the mechanism of action o...,
Which drug categories fall under ...,
Which drugs fall under alkylating...
16  cards
All pluripotent cells in the bone...,
Proliferate into their mature end...,
Migrate to the lymphoid organs to...
51  cards
Toxic granulations,
Toxic vacuolation,
Dohle bodies
8  cards
Discuss the appearance of cancer ...,
A common feature with all leukemias,
Which 2 acute tumours might prese...
8  cards
A feature of all chronic myelopro...,
Polycythema vera,
3  cards
W3- Child Abuse GEMP child abuse
What is child abuse,
How do i recognise child abuse,
7  cards
Lecture 9.0 Oncogenic Viruses
List the factors that trigger onc...,
Name 3 classes of regulatory gene...,
Discuss the mechanism of oncogeni...
44  cards
W4-LP-Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Differentiate between chronic lym...,
Has a peak incidence between 60 8...,
Most common leukaemia of adults i...
9  cards
W4-L3-Myeloproliferative Neoplasms
What is myeloproliferative neoplasms,
Chronic mpn in which granulocytes...,
Characterised by the chromosomal ...
23  cards
W4- L5-Hodkins lymphoma
Affect young adults 15 40 years s...,
Why is there high prevalence of h...,
How can one cure hodkin s lymphoma
15  cards
Constitutes a heterogeneous group...,
What is the impact of environment...,
More common than hodgkin lymphoma...
11  cards
What are paraneoplastic syndromes,
When do symptoms to paraneoplasti...,
What are the effects of paraneopl...
14  cards
W3 clinical skills: Abdomenal examination
What is the purpose of abdominal ...,
How would you start the examination,
How do you do general inspection
18  cards
W3: transfusion adverse events and haemovigilance
0  cards
w3: tumour markers
0  cards
List 3 functions of the lymph node,
What are the 2 main disoders of l...,
Name the cd surface membrane rece...
43  cards
W4: The life cycle of b- lymphocytes
What is lymphomagenesis,
What is the innate immunity,
What is the adaptive system
15  cards
W4 Lect2: intro to lymphoproliferative
What are the subset of lymphocytes,
What are thee histiocyte subset,
What is the normal b cell differi...
20  cards
W4 lect7: myeloma and CLL
What is lymphoma,
What is leukamia,
Why does classification matter le...
20  cards
W5 LECT1: intro to hemostasis
How are platelets activated,
What is hemostasis,
What are the main stages of haemo...
31  cards
0  cards
Name 2 broad classes of platelet ...,
Name 2 types of platelet quantita...,
Name 2 types of platelet qualitat...
24  cards
Week 5-lec 5
What are the functions of normal ...,
Name 4 steps in hemostasis,
Discuss the activation of coagula...
8  cards

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