block g -- infection

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Dr. Karatzios -- Antimicrobial Antibiotics
Contains only information highlighted in yellow from his slides
100  cards
Dr. Papenburg -- Antiviral Agents
4 virus specific events that anti...,
How a therpeutic agents antiviral...,
6 stages of viral replication
85  cards
Dr. Libman -- Parasitology 1: Protozoa
5 protozoa that affect the intestine,
5 protozoa that have a systemic e...,
2 divisions of parasites
97  cards
Dr. Libman -- Parasitology 2: Malaria
Describe the epidemiology of,
3 causes of sub saharan africa ha...,
Organism responsible for malaria
49  cards
Dr. Libman -- Parasitology 4: Trematodes and Cestodes
What are trematodes commonly know...,
Phylum under which cestodes and t...,
4 types of trematodes
79  cards
Dr. Daniel -- Common Infections in Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery
Signs and symptoms of tonsililitis 6,
Etiology of tonsilitis 2,
2 methods of diagnosis for tonsil...
62  cards
Dr. Behr -- Tuberculosis
Define tuberculosis,
Define tuberculous infection,
Bacteria responsible for tubercul...
43  cards
Dr. Puligandla -- Intraabdominal Infections
Describe the general cause of dev...,
What generally determines if and ...,
Define primary peritonitis
51  cards
Dr. Puligandla -- Soft Tissue Infections
Common and primary goal of surgic...,
Goal of anti sepsis,
6 uncomplicated soft tissue infec...
67  cards
Dr. Pompura -- Dental Infections
Describe the pathogenesis of a de...,
5 ways odontogenic infection can ...,
3 factors affecting the outcome o...
45  cards
Dr. Yansouni -- Vector-Borne Diseases
NOTE: Does not include cards for malaria already covered in the Malaria lecture
29  cards
Dr. Loo -- CNS Infections
Define meningitis,
5 categories of meningitis,
2 sub categories of bacterial men...
78  cards
Dr. Sheppard -- Basic Mycology and Antifungal Medications
Definition of hyphae,
Define mycelium,
Define yeast
98  cards
Dr. Karatzios -- HIV
Predominant mode of adult acquisi...,
Predominent mode of childhood acq...,
6 highly endemic areas for hiv
132  cards
Dr. Teltscher -- Endovascular Infections
3 methods of endovascular infection,
4 parasites potentially involved ...,
3 direct infections of vasculatur...
75  cards
Dr. Teltscher -- Fever of Unknown Origin
6 sites to measure body temperature,
Gold standard site for body temp ...,
Cons of using pa catheter to meas...
76  cards
Dr. Karatzios -- Fever in Immunocompromised
Define febrile neutropenia,
4 causes of neutropenia secondary...,
Usual pathogen of denuded gut sec...
53  cards
Dr. Rubin -- Congenital/Perinatal Infections
3 protective immunity mechanisms ...,
Time of fetal infection that prod...,
3 types of effects of fetal infec...
44  cards
Dr. Al-Muhsaini -- Infectious Skin Diseases and Rashes
2 ways bacterial infection can ha...,
2 examples of cutaneous diseases ...,
3 kinds of s aureus toxins
144  cards
Dr. Rubin -- Urinary Tract Infection
Chance of uti being the cause of ...,
3 examples of sites that a uti ca...,
Define cystitis
52  cards
Dr. Karatzios -- Diarrhea
Definition of diarrhea 3,
3 types of diarrhea and their dur...,
7 causes of diarrhea
84  cards
Dr. Loo -- Bone and Joint Infections
Describe the lew and waldwogel cl...,
3 pathophysiologies of osteomyelitis,
3 risk factors for hematogenous o...
84  cards
Dr. Schurr -- Genetic Predisposition to Infections
4 methods of inheritance of,
4 relatively common primary immun...,
9 conditions that iga deficiency ...
23  cards

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