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Chapter 6: Endocrine: Diabetes Insipidus & Corticosteroids
High doses of corticosteroids are...,
Why should doses be kept as low a...,
Which route of administration is ...
81  cards
Chapter 6: Type 1 Diabetes, Insulin & Hypoglycaemia
Characterised by persistent hyper...,
What are the 4 types of diabetes,
To which 3 conditions can diabete...
113  cards
Chapter 6: Endocrine: Type 2 Diabetes
What is t2dm characterised by,
Also causing an increase in cardi...,
When does t2dm usually develop
114  cards
Chapter 6: Endocrine: Bone, Sex Hormones, Thyroid
In which population does osteopor...,
As well as in postmenopausal wome...,
As well as menopause and corticos...
93  cards
CHAPTER 4: CNS: Dementia
What is the non pharmacological t...,
Can a gp initiate and supervise d...,
Which drugs are recommended to ma...
24  cards
CHAPTER 4: CNS: Epilepsy
Most anti epileptics are given tw...,
The recommended management for ep...,
When switching from one drug to t...
86  cards
CHAPTER 4: CNS: Anxiety
Prolonged use and abrupt withdraw...,
In which population should benzod...,
What are is a paradoxical effect ...
9  cards
Which class of drugs are used in ...,
What is an example of a cns stimu...,
Which indications should cns stim...
8  cards
CHAPTER 4: CNS: Bipolar and Lithium
How long after the last manic epi...,
What can be used for the treatmen...,
Antidepressants should be avoided...
29  cards
CHAPTER 4: CNS: Depression
What is usually the first benefit...,
As well as drug treatment what el...,
Should antidepressants be used ro...
79  cards
CHAPTER 4: CNS: Pyschoses and schizophrenia
When using higher unlicensed dose...,
Can antipsychotics given by mouth...,
When prescribing antipsychotics w...
73  cards
CHAPTER 4: CNS: Parkinson's Disease
Which neurotransmitter is deficie...,
Does drug therapy prevent disease...,
Who should patient with suspected...
27  cards
CHAPTER 4: CNS: Nausea
Which class of antiemetics is val...,
What is a side effect of phenothi...,
Which class of antiemetics is use...
31  cards
Which drug should be avoided in s...,
Why should pethidine be avoided i...,
In dental pain analgesics can be ...
71  cards
CHAPTER 2: CVS: Arrythmias
Which complication can af lead to,
What must all all patients with a...,
Which 2 things can af treatment a...
75  cards
CHAPTER 2: CVS: Thromboembolism
What must the risk of clotting be...,
What are the options for pharmaco...,
Which is the pharmacological thro...
79  cards
CHAPTER 3: Respiratory: Asthma
Which groups of people can find p...,
What device can children and the ...,
If they cannot use a pmdi who can...
98  cards
CHAPTER 3: Respiratory: COPD
What lifestyle changes reduces th...,
Infection can complicate copd the...,
What can alleviate symptoms of co...
18  cards
CHAPTER 3: Respiratory: Croup
Does mild croup always need to be...,
Although it is largely self limit...,
What does more severe croup call for
8  cards
CHAPTER 3: Respiratory: Allergic Conditions
Antihistamines are effective in r...,
As well as being inhaled where el...,
Which antihistamines are used par...
33  cards
CHAPTER 2: CVS: Hypertension
What does lowering blood pressure...,
What lifestyle advice should pati...,
What should patients presenting w...
106  cards
CHAPTER 2: CVS: Heart Failure
Drug treatment is for heart failu...,
If ejection fraction is preserved...,
What are the aims of heart failur...
17  cards
CHAPTER 2: CVS: Hyperlipidaemia
Those with over which percentage ...,
Which 3 groups of people are risk...,
Which parameters do the qrisk 2 a...
41  cards
CHAPTER 2: CVS: Myocardial Ischaemia
What is stable angina precipitate...,
What is stable angina relieved by,
What should acute attacks of stab...
27  cards
CHAPTER 2: CVS: Oedema
What are the two types of diureti...,
Can both loop and thiazide diuret...,
What can vigorous diuresis induce
26  cards
Which drugs are activated charcoa...,
S s alcohol,
S s aspirin
32  cards
In which situations might you nee...,
Treatment potassium over 65 mmol ...,
Treatment potassium mild 55 59 mm...
7  cards
0  cards

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