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Epilepsy and Other Seizure Disorders
What is the main aim of epilepsy ...,
Why should dosage frequency of an...,
Why may large doses of antiepilep...
106  cards
Sleep Disorders
What drug class do most hypnotics...,
What side effects are most hypnot...,
Due to their risk for dependence ...
20  cards
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
What drugs are used for the manag...,
What class of drugs do methylphen...,
Which drugs are used to treat adh...
8  cards
Bipolar Disorder and Mania
What does the treatment of bipola...,
For how long does the long term t...,
Use of which drugs may be helpful...
29  cards
Antidepressant Drugs
What are the three main classes o...,
Which class of antidepressant dru...,
Which class of antibiotics is les...
44  cards
Psychosis and Schizophrenia
What type of psychotic symptoms d...,
What symptoms of psychosis may at...,
How can the hallucinations seen i...
60  cards
Parkinson's Disease
Define parkinsons disease,
Describe the aim of drug therapy ...,
Give examples of dopaminergic dru...
17  cards
Nausea and Vertigo
Why is it important to identify t...,
When in pregnancy would nausea no...,
If nausea and vomiting in pregnan...
24  cards
Non-Opioid Analgesics
Give some examples of non opioid ...,
What is aspirin indicated for,
Why should patient be advised to ...
30  cards
What are the warning signs of opi...,
What psychological behaviours are...,
When do opioid withdrawal symptom...
21  cards
Neuropathic Pain
Neuropathic pain occurs when dama...,
With what drugs is neuropathic pa...,
Capsaicin is licensed for treatme...
3  cards
Antimigraine Drugs
Which common painkillers are ofte...,
When treating acute migraine with...,
If simple analgesia is not adequa...
5  cards
Substance Dependence
Without inpatient medical support...,
How can moderate alcohol dependen...,
Which drugs are commonly used to ...
29  cards

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