bpc civil litigation

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Time Limits
With how many weeks from standard...,
What is the time limit for action...,
What is the time limit for action...
122  cards
Unit 1 Overview & 2 Limitation
What is the overriding objective,
What does active case management ...,
What is the order of civil proced...
12  cards
Unit 3 Pre-Action Protocol
What will the court have expected...,
What is the rule regarding the co...,
Where this no relevant pre action...
14  cards
Unit 4 Unit4 Adjudicative and Non-Adjudicative ADR
Is the decision of non adjudicati...,
Who decides the outcome in adjudi...,
What is early neutral evaluation
18  cards
Unit 5 Commencement
What methods of service of a clai...,
Who serves the claim form,
Who s responsibility is it to ens...
43  cards
Unit 6 Costs and Case Management Conference (CCMC)
If the court is to make an order ...,
What form must a budget take,
What is the effect of not filing ...
34  cards
Unit 7 Interim Applications and Interim Injunctions
Where should you make an interim ...,
Can interim applications be dealt...,
Are case management directions re...
30  cards
Unit 8 Defence, Default Judgment and relief from sanctions
When may the claimant obtain defa...,
Can the court grant a remedy whic...,
What 3 categories must the claima...
33  cards
Unit 9 Strike Out and Summary Judgment
When may the court strike out a s...,
What order may the court make if ...,
What happens where a statement of...
33  cards
Unit 11 Amendment, Additional Parties and Additional Claims
When can a party amend its statem...,
What is the test the court must a...,
What is the principle of deferred...
23  cards
Unit 12 Disclosure and Inspection
Part 32 governs disclosure and in...,
What is the meaning of disclosure,
If a document is disclosed to a p...
72  cards
Unit 13 Settlement and Offers to Settle (including Part 36)
Must a part 36 offer extinguish t...,
What is a calderbank offer,
How can calderbank offers be used...
30  cards
Unit 14 Part36, Infant Settlements and Parties
When may a company be represented...,
What happens where someone who ha...,
What happens where a defendant ag...
16  cards
Unit 15 Experts
What is expert evidence restricte...,
What is the duty of an expert wit...,
May a party call an expert witnes...
25  cards
Unit 16 Security for Costs
Are interim payments instalments ...,
What are the conditions for the c...,
What is the court limited to in d...
26  cards
Unit 17 Costs
What 3 main things does the court...,
What is the general rule on costs,
What 2 types of cases does the ge...
33  cards
Unit 18 Interim and Final Costs
Does the court have full power as...,
Can costs incurred prior to proce...,
Are judges required to give reaso...
12  cards
Unit 19 Civil Trials and Evidence
What is the burden of proof in ci...,
What civil trial circumstances wa...,
Can a party use a previous judgme...
23  cards
Unit 20 Judgments, Orders and Enforcement
Is every judgment drawn up by the...,
Can a court officer seal an agree...,
What are the orders a court offic...
55  cards

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