brs (bioregulatory systems)

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What are the convoluted surfaces ...,
What are the impression in the ce...,
What are the four cerebral lobes
95  cards
What are chemical agents,
What is heroin,
What is mechanism of heroin
24  cards
How is electrical information tra...,
What are the three stages pf syna...,
What is the diversity within neur...
72  cards
Autonomic nervous system
Where do afferent and efferent ne...,
What fibres are included in the a...,
What fibres are includes in effer...
63  cards
Central nervous system
What forms the cns,
What is the function of the brain,
What are the three distinct areas...
104  cards
Peripheral nervous system
What is the peripheral nervous sy...,
Which neurones transmit informati...,
Which neurones transmit informati...
55  cards
Brain stem & cranial nerves
What structures form the brainstem,
Which foramen does the brainstem ...,
What structure is the midbrain co...
50  cards
What are hormones,
How are peptide hormones synthesised,
How do peptide hormones enter the...
84  cards
Adrenal gland
Where are the adrenal glands located,
Which hormones are secreted by th...,
What shape is the right adrenal g...
73  cards
Thyroid gland
How many lobes form the thymus gland,
Which structure does the thyroid ...,
Which structure connected the two...
72  cards
Calcium & phosphate
What are the 5 functions of calcium,
Where is the majority of calcium ...,
How is extracellular calcium regu...
65  cards
Glucose & homeostasis
Which glucose concentrations caus...,
Which glucose concentrations resu...,
What function is performed by glu...
46  cards
Diabetes mellitus
Which cells are glut 4 glucose co...,
How is glut 4 translocated,
What stimulatory effect does insu...
49  cards
Which structure are included in t...,
What is the function of the epidi...,
How does sperm enter the vas defe...
191  cards
Bone & Soft Tissue
What there components comprise th...,
Give three examples of connective...,
What are tendons
164  cards
Muscular contraction
What are the three muscle types,
What type of control is smooth mu...,
Describe the nucleation of smooth...
125  cards
Where does the epidermis originat...,
Where does the dermis arise from,
When does the epidermis form
199  cards
Sex hormones
What is the definition of puberty,
What is thelarche,
What is gonadrche
101  cards
Injury & healing
What is a fracture,
What will happen to the bone duri...,
What is closed reduction
131  cards
What are the 6 main functions of ...,
Which embryological tissue does c...,
Describe the vascularity of carti...
110  cards
Structure & function of airways
What term is used to describe the...,
How is the trachea held open,
What does the trachea divide into
109  cards
Ventilation and gas exchange
What is minute ventilation,
What is respiratory rate,
What is alveolar ventilation
120  cards
Control of lung function
What is the main function of medu...,
Where are the respiratory centres...,
What are the four main respirator...
76  cards
Cardiovascular mechanics
Which ion do ventricular cells re...,
What is the shape of ventricular ...,
What is the distinctive differenc...
60  cards
What is blood flow rate,
What is the equation for blood fl...,
What is vascular resistance
61  cards
Control of heart function
Which cerebral centre exerts neur...,
Where is the cardio regulatory ce...,
Which nervous branch decreases he...
89  cards
Coronary disorders
What is the definition of heart f...,
What ejection fraction parameter ...,
What is hfpef affiliated with
152  cards
Cardiac Cycle
What is the cardiac cycle,
What is ventricular diastole,
How many phases are present durin...
74  cards
Cardioresp mechanics
What is inspiration,
What is expiration,
What are the two main muscle grou...
77  cards
Hepatobiliary system
Where does the liver reside in re...,
What are the two primary lobes of...,
Which folds connect the liver to ...
209  cards
Gastrointestinal tract
What is digestion,
What is absorption,
What structures are located withi...
152  cards
Pancreas & Small Bowel
What is the anatomical relationsh...,
What is the anatomical relationsh...,
What is the transverse mesocolon
173  cards
Regulation of gut function
Where do sympathetic preganglioni...,
What effect does the sympathetic ...,
Where do sympathetic preganglioni...
89  cards
Large bowel
What is the primary function of t...,
What are the 5 main features of t...,
What is the initial region of the...
79  cards
Ions and minerals
What is diffusion,
What cellular structure behaves a...,
Which molecules can pass through ...
86  cards
Genourinary system
What is the outer region of the k...,
What is the inner region of the k...,
What is located within the renal ...
97  cards
Urological disorders
What are the five main functions ...,
What is associated with a disrupt...,
What occurs due to dysfunctional ...
49  cards
Which pancreatic cells secrete en...,
What are the three main classes o...,
How are pancreatic enzymes synthe...
5  cards

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