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Research S(kills)
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Pituitary gland
What are hormones,
How are peptide hormones synthesised,
How do peptide hormones enter the...
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Adrenal gland
Where are the adrenal glands located,
Which hormones are secreted by th...,
What shape is the right adrenal g...
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Thyroid gland
How many lobes form the thymus gland,
Which structure does the thyroid ...,
Which structure connected the two...
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What is the most abundant metal i...,
What is the storage distribution ...,
What molecules lead to an increas...
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Glucose & homeostasis
Which glucose concentrations caus...,
Which glucose concentrations resu...,
What function is performed by glu...
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Diabetes Mellitus
What are insulins major actions,
What is the purpose of the glut 4...,
What is insulins effect regarding...
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Early Fetal Dev
What are the 3 measurements of em...,
Which phases of development are i...,
Which phases of development are i...
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Early dev disorders
What is a miscarriage and what is...,
Give the 3 general causes for los...,
What is the difference between a ...
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Pregnancy, parturition, late fetal dev
What causes the early fetal accel...,
How is the placenta able to suppo...,
What does histiotrophic mean
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Preg+Part disorders
Outline the pathophysiology of pr...,
What does oedema mean when you su...,
Give some symptoms of pe
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Intro+Theories of Aging
Give the a general definition of ...,
What is the difference between ag...,
Why may have longevity and aging ...
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Membrane+Action potentials
Flux def,
Equilibrium potential def,
What are the most important ions ...
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Cells of the nervous system
What is a unipolar neurone,
What is psuedo unipolar neurone,
What is a bipolar neurone
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Pharmacology def,
What are the 3 determinants of a ...,
What effects does heroin produce ...
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What components of a neurone are ...,
Describe the range in abundance o...,
What are the 3 large groups of nts
22  cards
What is unique about the ans s re...,
What nervous system is the ans a ...,
What occurs to the pupil under pa...
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What is in the cns,
What is in the pns,
What are the 3 major divisions of...
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What is the name of the nervous s...,
What is the name of the nervous s...,
What is the difference between th...
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Brainstem+Cranial nerves
What is cn i,
What is cn,
What is cn
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What is psychic anxiety,
Give some symptoms of anxiety,
Give some symptoms of ocd
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Sex hormones
What is the definition of puberty,
What are the 5 stages of breast d...,
What are the 5 stages of male gen...
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Muscular contraction+microstructure
How is smooth muscle controlled,
How is cardiac muscle controlled,
How is skeletal muscle controlled
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What fraction of people above 45y...,
What is the commonest reason for ...,
What is shown in this arthroscopy
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What are bones made of,
What is the organic component of ...,
What is the inorganic component o...
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Give the definition of a joint,
What are the 2 major divisions of...,
Why does the classification of jo...
59  cards
4 major layers of skin,
What kind of cells compose the ep...,
What are the 5 layers of the epid...
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Airway structure+function
What are bronchi split into follo...,
What is a respiratory bronchiole,
How do you describe the branching...
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Vent+Gas exchange
How would you describe these lungs,
Def alveolar ventilation valv,
Def respiration
48  cards
Control of lung function
Where are the 4 main respiratory ...,
What is the dorsal respiratory gr...,
What is the ventral respiratory g...
29  cards
Describe the size of cardiac vent...,
What is the rough composition of ...
22  cards
Give an equation relation flow ra...,
Give the overall purpose of the c...,
How is blood pressure determined ...
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Control of heart function
What are the 3 major tissues that...,
Where is the san found,
What molecule regulates the avn
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Cardiac cycle
What proportion of the heart beat...,
List the 7 phases of a heartbeat,
How do you calculate ejection fra...
26  cards
Cardioresp mechanics
What marks the start of rapid eje...,
How does lung volume flow rate an...,
What is the poiseuille s law
34  cards
Exercise capacity
What occurs to pleural pressure t...,
How does perfusion vary down the ...,
How does ventilation perfusion ch...
14  cards
Pulmonary function tests
What is the difference between ob...,
What is fvc and fev 1,
What do restrictive and obstructi...
9  cards
COPD Novel Drug
In asthma what causes narrowing o...,
How is the site affected differen...,
Which portion of the airways does...
13  cards
Where are you placing the chest l...,
Where do you place the limb leads...,
4  cards
CV disorders
What defines heart failure,
What are the underlying causes of...,
What are the signs symptoms of he...
32  cards
Stabbed to stable
What factors affecting what can c...,
How can you determine the amount ...,
How do you determine bp in a stab...
3  cards
Upper GI
Digestion def,
Absorption def,
Give the 4 layers of the gut wall...
53  cards
Pancreas+Small bowel
What are the dimensions of the en...,
What are the 2 major functions of...,
What are the portions of the smal...
73  cards
Hepatobilliary system
How many liver segments are there...,
59  cards
Obstructive jaundice
What questions should you ask to ...,
What other blood tests should you...,
What are the most appropriateradi...
4  cards
Regulation of gut function
What post ganglionic neurones inn...,
What is the neurotransmitter used...,
Where do the pre ganglionic sympa...
43  cards
Large bowel
What are the 5 portions of the la...,
What is the caecum,
What is the appendix
36  cards
Diffusion def,
How does water move across tonic ...
48  cards
Full digestion sheet
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Liver failure
What is normal plasma bilirubin,
What leads to yellow sclera and m...,
What leads to yellow skin
26  cards
Gastro cancers
Where can neuroendocrine tumors o...,
Where can gi cancers occur,
Def cancer
46  cards
What are the 2 components of the ...,
What 3 protective mechanisms are ...,
What are pancreatic enzymes store...
24  cards
Genitourinary system
What are the 4 major functions of...,
What is route of blood supply to ...
63  cards
Urological disorders
What 5 physiological changes occu...,
What are the 3 types of urinary d...,
What are the names of inflammatio...
27  cards
Genitourinary org+anal
What are urinary indicative of,
What are urinary indicative of,
What are urinary indicative of
12  cards
What is the function of the epidi...,
What does the seminal fluid contain,
What is the function of bicarbona...
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