brs - bioregulatory systems week 7

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Upper GI tract
What is the function of the diges...,
What are the components of the ga...,
What are the foregut structures w...
34  cards
Hepatobiliary System
What is meant by the term hepatob...,
Where does the liver lie anatomic...,
What is the morphological anatomy...
44  cards
The Genitourinary System
What is the kidney,
Out of na k h2o and urea which of...,
What are the 5 main functions of ...
41  cards
The Pancreas and Small Bowel
What is the pancreatic embryology,
Explain using the image below whe...,
Where is the pancreas located and...
53  cards
Obstructive Jaundice
Can you survive without a liver,
What is liver cirrhosis and what ...,
Can you survive without the pancreas
20  cards
GFR and Renal Clearance
What is meant when it is said a t...,
How is it decided if a test is us...,
What is the difference between a ...
16  cards
Large Bowel
What 5 parts is the large bowel m...,
The colon can be divided into whi...,
What is the the blood supply to t...
27  cards
Ions, vitamins and minerals
Missed a slide,
Missed another slide,
What is diffusion what affects th...
23  cards
Regulation of Gut Function
What is the gut ns divided into,
Where do the sympathetic pregangl...,
What are the names of the ganglio...
30  cards
Digestion (Tutorial)
Fill in the digestion mindmap sum...,
Case 1,
What is glycated haemoglobin
20  cards
GI Disorders (Tutorial)
Can a person survive without thei...,
What is the surgery to remove the...,
Can a person survive without thei...
15  cards
GI Cancers
What are the most common cancers ...,
What is cancer what is a primary ...,
What are the 3 types of cells in ...
38  cards
What is pancreatitis what are the...,
What are the common risk factors ...,
What is the pathophysiology of ac...
25  cards
Urological and Renal Disorders (Tutorial)
Case 1 info card mr kent a 45 yea...,
What are the risk factors in the ...,
Why might mr kent have glucose ke...
10  cards
Urological Disorders
What is the normal function of th...,
What hormones do the kidneys produce,
How is the kidney involved in vit...
65  cards
Liver Failure
What is normal plasma bilirubin,
What happens if br is high,
What is cholestasis
44  cards

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brs - bioregulatory systems week 7

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