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1b Asthma and Respiratory Immunology
What are the cardinal clinical fe...,
What is the definition of asthma,
49  cards
1b Respiratory Failure
What is the broad definition of r...,
Which parts of the nervous system...,
What respiratory muscles are invo...
101  cards
1b Lung Cancer
What is the biggest modifyable ri...,
What can cause lung cancer other ...,
What is a dna adduct
54  cards
1b Electrocardiogram & rhythm disorders
Why is ecg used,
What is ecg used to view diagnose,
What are ecg electrodes
54  cards
1b Exercise Capacity
Exercise limitation can be caused...,
What are three ways of measuring ...,
What is involve with the cardiopu...
14  cards
1b Atherosclerosis
How is the world disease burden o...,
What are the modifiable risk fact...,
What are the non modifiable risk ...
86  cards
1b Haemostasis
What is haemostasis,
What is haemostasis for,
What is the response to injury to...
96  cards
1b Structural Heart Disease
Which side of the heart is the bi...,
Which side of the heart is the tr...,
What do structural heart diseases...
92  cards
1b Valvular Disease and Heart Failure
How do you calculate cardiac output,
How do you calculate stroke volume,
What is the units of cardiac output
32  cards
1b Restrictive Lung Disease
What is a restrictive lung disease,
What are the two types of restric...,
What does intrinsic lung disease ...
61  cards
1b Respiratory Tract Infections and Immunology
What are the signs and symptoms o...,
What are the signs and symptoms o...,
What are the signs and symptoms o...
52  cards
1b Vascular Endothelium
What are blood vessels lined by,
What are the three layers of bloo...,
What is contained within the lami...
62  cards
1b Arterial Blood Gases and Acid Base Regulation
What is meant by the po2,
What is meant by the pco2,
What is the pulmonary transit time
25  cards
1b Anaemia and Transfusion
How do we interpret an increase i...,
How do we interpret an increase i...,
What is seen on a blood film in a...
77  cards
Cardiovascular Mechanics
What ion is essential for contrac...,
What happen when you remove calci...,
What are t tubules
74  cards
The Cardiac Cycle
What is cardiac systole,
What is cardiac diastole,
How long does diastole last
77  cards
Structure And Function of the Airways
What is meant by dichotomous bran...,
What does the cartilage around th...,
What is the main unbranched part ...
63  cards
Ventilation And Gas Exchange
What is the minute ventilation,
How do you calculate the minute v...,
What is the average tidal volume
121  cards
Clinical Significance of Physiology
What are high bnp levels indicati...,
What muscle protein increases rap...,
What type of murmur is common in ...
19  cards
What is the overall aim of the ca...,
What is the definition of the blo...,
What is the equation which descri...
66  cards
Control of Heart Function
What three categories can the mai...,
Which cell type in the heart is m...,
What is the pacemaker of the heart
96  cards
Control of Lung Function
What are the four centers in the ...,
What is the dorsal respiratory gr...,
Which group in the medulla sets t...
66  cards
Cardiovascular Disorders
What is the definition of heart f...,
What is hfpef,
What function of the heart if imp...
72  cards
What does the p wave of an ecg re...,
What does the qrs complex of an e...,
What does the t wave on the ecg r...
15  cards
Pulmonary Function Tests
What are the two main types of re...,
What are restrictive disorders,
What are obstructive disorders
23  cards
COPD Drug Trial
What is the difference in the aff...,
Which respiratory condition would...,
Which inflammatory cells would be...
25  cards

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