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Principles Of Pharmacology
What is pharmacology,
What is therapeutics,
What is pharmacodynamics
74  cards
What hormones are found in the an...,
What is the hypothalamo pituitary...,
What can anterior pituitary failu...
31  cards
Cerebral Vasculature
Why does the brain have a large v...,
How does blood get to the brain,
What arteries make up the brain
22  cards
Cortical Organisation and Function
What is the cerebral cortex,
What are the layers of the cerebr...,
How is the brain classified
46  cards
Pituitary Tumours
What cells are in the anterior pi...,
What functioning pituitary tumour...,
How is a pituitary tumour appear ...
32  cards
Disorders of Vasopressin
What are hypothalamic magnocellul...,
What is vasopressin also known as,
What is the physiological action ...
32  cards
Adrenal Disorders
What hormones does the adrenal co...,
What is the effect of angiotensin...,
What is the function of aldosterone
34  cards
Auditory System
What bone is the ear found in wha...,
What is the function of the outer...,
What is the function of the middl...
50  cards
Vestibular System
What are the 3 main inputs of the...,
What are the main outputs of the ...,
Where is the vestibular organ found
44  cards
Pathways of the Visual System
Describe the order of the visual ...,
What happens to fibres at the opt...,
What synapses at the lateral geni...
42  cards
Eye Movements of the Visual System
How many muscles innervate the eye,
What nerves innervate the eye mus...,
Define duction
22  cards
Optics of the Visual System
Describe the phenomenon of refrac...,
What is the equation for calculat...,
What should the index of refracti...
45  cards
Anatomy of the Visual System
How many types of tears are there...,
What are the afferent components ...,
What are the efferent components ...
58  cards
Reproductive Treatments
How is primary hypogonadism in ma...,
How is secondary hypogonadism in ...,
What hormone stimulates testoster...
50  cards
What does tsh do,
How much thyroxine do we store,
What enzyme allows release of thy...
45  cards
Calcium Dysregulation
What hormone s increases calcium ...,
What hormone s decreases calcium ...,
How is vitamin d mentabolised
32  cards
Type 2 Diabetes
What is type 2 diabetes,
What condition is associated with...,
How is type 2 diabetes initially ...
68  cards
Management of Adrenal Failure
How is cushings treated,
How does metyrapone work,
How does ketoconazole work
20  cards
Endocrinology pathologies
Endometriosis what is it symptoms...,
Fibroids what are they symptoms t...,
Low testosteronehigh fsh and lhdi...
28  cards
Psych Mood Disorders
What is mood changes often accomp...,
Are mood disorders recurrent,
Lifetime prevalence of what for b...
65  cards
Early Embryo Development
When is fertilisation age measure...,
What other name is fertilisation ...,
How practical is fertilisation date
100  cards
How many people in the world live...,
Commonest cause of dementia,
Cure for dementia
35  cards
Basis for generation of headaches,
A drug which can cause headache,
How to distinguish one headache f...
119  cards
microvascular comp diabetes
Site of microvascular complications,
What can be used to approximate r...,
Factors relating to development o...
37  cards
Macrovascular Complications
What is caused by macrovascular d...,
Beginnings of artherosclerosis,
What about diabetes leads to arth...
29  cards
Cortical Motor Control
What is hierarchial organisation,
What are the 2 types of descendin...,
What are the 2 pyramidal tracts
48  cards
cerebral inflammation
What is meningitis,
What is encephalitis,
What is cerebral vasculitis
27  cards
Disorders of Early Development
How common is miscarriage after p...,
How common is miscarriage before ...,
What is major contributor to preg...
20  cards
What are organic psychosis causes,
Types of symptoms in psychosis
32  cards
CVR haemostasis and thrombosis
What is haemostasis,
What is haemostasis for,
Blood coagulation video
135  cards
CVR resp failure
Systems structures that fail in r...,
What is respiratory failure,
Where can lesions occur in the ne...
62  cards
CVR Resp Infection
Types of respiratory tract infect...,
Symptoms of upper resp tract infe...,
Symptoms of lower resp tract infe...
85  cards
CVR asthma and respiratory immunology
Cardinal features of asthma 4,
What do you test for to confirm a...,
Way to check for reversible lung ...
41  cards
Pregnancy, Parturition and Foetal Development
What type of nutrition is used du...,
When does the switch to heamotrop...,
How is haemotrophic nutrition used
81  cards
Pharm - pharmacology of depression
The seven step process,
How does angiotensin 2 receptor a...,
What questionnaire can be used to...
45  cards
Pharmacology for asthma
What is clearance,
What is elimination half life,
What is time to peak plasma plasm...
7  cards
Psychiatric disorders across a lifetime
Pathophysiology of dementia,
Which chromosome codes for amyloi...,
Which chromosome codes for apolip...
34  cards
CVR cancers of the lung, heart and vasculature
Are cardiovasc cancers common,
What is angiosarcoma,
Example of a cardiac tumour
45  cards
Psych - Pyschopharmacology: medicines in pyschiatry
Types of treatments in psych,
How to classify psychiatric drugs,
The 4 different systems that drug...
39  cards
CVR arterial blood gases + AB regulation
What is po2,
What does the partial pressure of...,
What is pco2
33  cards
CVR Evaluating exercise capacity
What is exercise,
What is physical activity,
What is activities of daily living
20  cards
Valvular Disorders & Heart Failure
How is cardiac output calculated,
What is cardiac output,
What units is cardiac output usua...
28  cards
Common Arrhythmias (+ ECG interpretations)
What will an ecg of someone with ...,
What will an ecg of someone with ...,
What will an ecg of someone with ...
16  cards
ECGs Revisited
What part of ecg equipment is an ...,
What part of ecg equipment are th...,
What part of ecg equipment are th...
35  cards
Structural Heart Disease
How do you calculate stroke volume,
When do structural heart diseases...,
What are congenital causes of str...
68  cards
CVR Vascular Endothelium - in health and disease
Layers of blood vessels outside t...,
What travels in the tunica advent...,
What forms the tunica media
39  cards
CVR Ischaemic heart disease & hypoxia
What is ihd,
Signs of ihd,
What is the leading cause of deat...
52  cards
CVR anaemia
What feature is observed in micro...,
Cell types that are usually normo...,
Cause of microcytic anaemia 4
6  cards
Pre- Eclampsia
What is main indication a pregnan...,
When during pregnancy can pre ecl...,
What can happen to fetal movement...
26  cards
Upper GI tract
Anatomical contributions to los,
Stages of swallowing,
How to determine motility of oeso...
71  cards
Derm the skin in systemic disease
What can effective dermatological...,
Example of disease where skin is ...,
Example of disease where skin is ...
68  cards
Psych Substance use and addictions
What is positive reinforcement,
What is addiction,
What is dependence
59  cards
derm infestation + infect skin
Important tests for infective cau...,
How does staphyococcus attack the...,
What can staph infection cause
100  cards
CVR Atherosclerosis and peripheral vascular disease
Modifiable risk factors for arthe...,
Nonmodifiable risk factors for ar...,
What is the risk of atheroscleros...
41  cards
Abdominal pain
What structures are in the transp...,
What structures are in the subcos...,
What structures are in the suprac...
44  cards
Derm Skin cancer
Genetic risk factors for melanoma 4,
Environmental risk factors melanoma,
What pathway regulates cellular p...
98  cards
Derm skin cancer quiz
Which of the following is false r...,
Which of the following is true re...,
Which of the following statements...
15  cards
Pharmacology of GORD
What is the mechanism of action o...,
What are the common nsaids,
What are nsaids used for
23  cards
Gastro appetite
Is obesity associated with high o...,
3 triggers for thirst,
What is the most potent of the 3 ...
79  cards
GI Malnutrition and nutritional assessment
Definition of malnutrition,
Rate of malnourishment upon admis...,
What of patients have lost weight...
56  cards
GI immunology of the gut
What makes up the massive antigen...,
What makes up the gut microbiota,
Benefits of gut microbiota
68  cards
Disorders of Appetite
What are the two types of appetit...,
Define polydipsia,
Define adipsia
41  cards
GI Infections Tutorial
Case 1 78fnursing home residentda...,
Investigations revealed urine leu...,
What does oral mucosa and reduced...
19  cards
Pharmacology of CKD
What is the action of mechanism o...,
What is the target for statins,
What are side effects of statins
52  cards
Cancers of the GI Tract Tutorial
Case 1 76m pc to gp discomfort be...,
On examination it is found slende...,
What symptoms differentiate betwe...
32  cards
General Surgery in the GI Tract
What is the general approach to a...,
What are some investigations that...,
What are the management approache...
70  cards
Surgical Management of GI Tract Tutorial
Case 1 84m bowels have not opened...,
Which is more likely obstruction ...,
What is the first lline of manage...
20  cards
Uro Renal regulation of water and acid-base balance
Calculate the osmolarity for 100 ...,
Distribution of body fluid extrac...,
What makes up extracellular fluid
49  cards
Back pain
What might be observed happening ...,
What is spondyloarthropathy,
What is pars interarticularis
13  cards
Management of Specific Fractures
What is the difference in healing...,
What is the difference in healing...,
What is non union
39  cards
Sodium and Potassium Balance
Define osmolarity and give its units,
What does osmolarity depend on,
As the number of dissolved partic...
89  cards
CKD and Renal Failure
What are the 4 main functions of ...,
What are the endocrine functions ...,
What are the homeostatic function...
56  cards
Rheumatoid Arthritis
What is rheumatology which parts ...,
What are the components of a syno...,
What is the synovium what is it m...
55  cards
How to Treat MSK Conditions Tutorial
What is greek for bone,
What are the 4 types of bone cells,
The balance between which 2 types...
63  cards
Rheumatoid Disorders Tutorial
Case 1 45f12 week history of join...,
What clinical signs would you loo...,
What investigations tests would y...
10  cards
Children's Orthopaedics
How does a childs skeleton differ...,
What are the two pathways of bone...,
How does intramembraneous ossific...
77  cards
Kidney Function TBL
1 if a patient is dehydrated the ...,
2 the urine samples of different ...,
3 an athlete after finishing thei...
10  cards
Postnatal and Child Development
On what plane should the embryo b...,
At 4 weeks what are the 4 parts o...,
On what plane should the embryo b...
84  cards
Urinary Incontinence and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
What is bph,
How and when does the prostate de...,
What is the venous drainage of th...
65  cards
Urological Cancers
What is the epidemiology of kidne...,
What are the different types of k...,
What are the risk factors for kid...
34  cards
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and Prostate Cancer Tutorial
Case 1 65mpc hesitancy poor flow ...,
Which diagnostic tests should he ...,
Multiparametric mri reported a ho...
11  cards
Type 1 Diabetes
What causes type 1 diabetes what ...,
What are the different types of d...,
What is lada
58  cards
Rheumatology Diagnostics
What are diagnostics,
What are the 3 categories of rheu...,
How do you start your investigati...
50  cards
Rheumatoid Arthritis and SLE Tutorial
Connective Tissue Disorders
33  cards
Substance use & Addiction
What is the typical course of alc...,
What is harmful use of drugs alcohol,
What is dependence
40  cards
What is infertility,
What is primary infertility,
What is secondary infertility
78  cards
Anaemia Tutorial
What are the 4 main causes that l...,
A patients presents with low mcv ...,
What are the differentials for mi...
65  cards
Pharmacology of Asthma
What are the 5 main asthma drugs,
What is the primary mechanism of ...,
What is the drug target site for ...
33  cards
What is the definition of obesity,
How is obesity defined clinically,
Why is the bmi not an accurate in...
20  cards
Pharmacology of Diabetes
What are the 4 most common main d...,
What is the primary mechanism of ...,
What is the drug target site for ...
36  cards
Clinical Depression Tutorial
What could happen if you give a b...,
How do you explore the history of...,
How do you explore past psychiatr...
18  cards
gastrointestinal cancers
What is cancer,
What is primary cancer,
What is a secondary cancer
68  cards
Child vs adult bones,
Development of flat bones,
Development of long bones
62  cards
Infections of the Skin
How does staph a affect the skin,
What are the skin manifestations ...,
How does streptococcus cause skin...
118  cards
Pharmacology of Epilepsy
What are the 4 most common main d...,
What is the primary mechanism of ...,
What is the drug target site for ...
34  cards
Specific fracture management
Whats the difference between trau...,
Presentation of a fracture,
Investigations for a fracture
51  cards
Microvascular Diabetic Complications
What are the 3 major sites of dam...,
Which of the following is associa...,
What is the relationship between ...
33  cards
Macrovascular Diabetic Complications
What is a macrovascular disease i...,
What is the process for the devel...,
Why is atheroma associated with d...
17  cards
Vascular complications of DM
What are the microvascular compli...,
What are the macrovascular compli...,
What is the target hba1c to reduc...
40  cards
Interpreting Epidemiological Findings (2)
What is confounding,
What can confounding lead to,
How can you identify confounding
32  cards
Environmental impact on health
In utero impacts on health,
Influences on long term health so...,
Influences on long term health bi...
16  cards
MSK disorder treatment
Types of bone cells,
Structure of compact bone,
What are lacunae
45  cards
Respiratory infections
What is the typical presentation ...,
What is the typical presentation ...,
What is the typical presentation ...
43  cards
What are the cardinal features of...,
What is the structure of an asthm...,
How does an asthmatic airway chan...
29  cards
Pharmacology of Hypertension
What are the 4 anti hypertensive ...,
What are some examples of acei,
What is the primary mechanism of ...
42  cards
Intro to Psych - Psychiatric Disorders and Physical Health
What is the moca,
What is the difference between an...,
What is psychosis
23  cards
psychiatric disorders across the lifespan
What is dementia,
Pathophysiology of alzheimers,
Example of an acetylcholinesteras...
28  cards
Coaching, Motivational Interviewing and Brief Interventions (2)
How do brief interventions differ...,
What are the 3 common steos of br...,
What is mecc
40  cards
Neuromuscular Control
How does the grey and white matte...,
What is the alpha motor neuron wh...,
What are intrafusal muscle fibres
22  cards
Back Pain COPY
What are some stats on the popula...,
What is sciatica,
What are the different types of b...
22  cards

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