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Neuro - Cortical Organisation and Function
What does the cerebral cortex cover,
What is the cerebral cortex made ...,
What is present at the surface of...
65  cards
Neuro - Multiple Sclerosis
What is ms,
What are the symptoms of ms my te...,
What is the m wave
12  cards
Neuro - Cerebral Vasculature
Body weight of brain,
Cardiac output of brain,
Liver glucose of brain
60  cards
Psych - Intro to Psych
What is emotional lability,
What is dense hemiparesis,
What is an adjustment reaction
27  cards
Endo - Hypopituitarism
What are the 5 apg hormones,
What are the 5 apg cells,
How are apg hormones primarily re...
52  cards
Endo - Disorders of Vasopressin
What type of neurones are found i...,
Why is the ppg neural in origin,
Where do magnocellular neurones o...
65  cards
Endo - Pituitary Tumours
What is functioning tumour of som...,
What is functioning tumour of lac...,
What is functioning tumour of gon...
61  cards
Cardio - Structural Heart Disease
What are the three layers of hear...,
What are the 2 main phases of the...,
What happens to the cardiac cycle...
89  cards
Cardio - Valvular Disease and Heart Failure
What is infective endocarditis,
What is the commonest cause of ie,
What is vegetation
19  cards
Cardio - ECG
14  cards
Cardio - Asthma and Respiratory Immunology
Describe the epidemiology of asthma,
What are the 4 cardinal features ...,
What may be associated with the d...
76  cards
Pharm - Principles of Pharmacology
What is pharmacology,
What is therapeutics,
What is pharmacodynamics
100  cards
Pharm - Diabetets
What are the 4 classes of diabete...,
What is the primary effect of met...,
Where is the target for metformin
35  cards
Pharm - Epilepsy
What are the 4 main drugs we can ...,
What is the drug target of lamotr...,
What the primary action of lamotr...
27  cards
Development & Ageing - Early Foetal Development
What is fertilisation age,
What is a limitation of fertilisa...,
What is gestational age
72  cards
Dev & Ageing - Disorders of Early Foetal Development
What are the reasons for early pr...,
What is a miscarriage,
What is an early clinical pregnan...
50  cards
Endo - Hyperthyroidism
What 2 ways does tsh cause and in...,
What regulates thyroid production,
What happens in primary hypothyro...
46  cards
Endo - Adrenal Disorders 1
What are steroids derived from,
What does the adrenal cortex produce,
What does the zone glomerulosa pr...
44  cards
Endo - Adrenal Disorders 2
Describe the rhythm of cortisol,
What is a the concentration of co...,
What is the concentration of cort...
41  cards
Neuro - Motor Control
What is hierarchical organisation,
What is functional segregation,
What does the motor cortex do
95  cards
Neuro - Auditory System
What are the 3 parts of the ear,
Where is the ear organ located,
What makes up the outer ear
75  cards
Psych - Psychosis
What is psychosis,
What are the causes of psychosis,
What are the 3 types of psychosis...
39  cards
Neuro - Vestibular System
What are the main inputs of the v...,
What is the role of the cns in th...,
What are the outputs of the vesti...
69  cards
Resp - Lung Cancer
How common is lung cancer,
How many deaths does lung cancer ...,
How many new cases are diagnosed ...
68  cards
Neuro - Headaches
How common are headaches,
What are the 3 main causes of hea...,
What is a pharmacological cause o...
79  cards
Cardioresp - Exercise Capacity
What is physical activity,
What is exercise,
What are adls
30  cards
Cardio - Vascular Endothelium
Where do the majority of endothel...,
What is the basic structure of th...,
What is in the tunica adventitia
65  cards
Gastro - Malnutrition
What is the definition of malnutr...,
What ages does malnutrition affect,
What gender does malnutrition aff...
78  cards
Pharm - Depression
What are the main drugs used for ...,
What is the primary mechanism of ...,
What is the primary mechanism of ...
25  cards
Pharm - Hypertension
What are the main drug classes us...,
What are acei examples,
What are ccb examples
30  cards
Pharm - asthma
What are the 5 main drugs used fo...,
What is the drug target for salbu...,
What is the drug target for fluti...
25  cards
Psych - Clinical Presentation of Addiction
How do we calculate units of alcohol,
What questionnaire can we use to ...,
What do we ask in a cage question...
24  cards
Endo - Infertility
Define infertility,
Define regular sex,
What are the 2 types of infertility
60  cards
Uro - Renal regulation
How do you calculate osmolarity,
How does osmotic pressure correla...,
What is osmosis
46  cards
Uro - CKD and Renal Failure
What are the 4 main functions of ...,
What are the homeostatic function...,
What is the endocrine role of the...
19  cards
Resp - Resp tract infections and immunity
What happens as an infection trav...,
What are the signs of an upper tr...,
What are the signs of a lower tra...
74  cards
Resp - Resp Failure
What is respiratory failure,
What systems can cause respirator...,
What in the nervous system can ca...
51  cards

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