btec sport level 3 unit 1: anatomy and physiology

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A1) Structure of the skeletal system
Long bones,
Short bones,
Flat bones
19  cards
A2) Function of the skeletal system
Supporting framework,
Attachment for skeletal muscle
8  cards
A3) Joints
Joints of the upper skeleton,
Joints of the lower skeleton,
Fixed or fibrous joints
14  cards
A4 & A5) Skeletal responses to exercise and adaptations of the skeletal system to exercise
10  cards
B1) Characteristics & functions of different types of muscle
Cardiac muscle,
Smooth muscle,
Skeletal muscle
3  cards
B2) Major skeletal muscle
Radial deviation
6  cards
B3) Agonistic muscles
Working muscles
5  cards
B4 & B5) Types of muscle contraction & fibre types
Isotonic contraction,
Concentric contraction,
Eccentric contraction
7  cards
B6) Responses of the muscular system to a single sport or exercise session
Increased blood supply,
Increased muscle temperature,
Increased muscle temperature seco...
7  cards
B7) Adaptations of the muscular system to exercise
Increased tendon strength,
Increased number size mitochondria
7  cards
B8) Additional factors affecting the muscular system
2  cards
C1) Structure of the respiratory system
Breathing process in,
Breathing process out
2  cards
C2) Function of the respiratory system
Gaseous exchange,
Inspiration breathing in,
Expiration breathing out
4  cards
C3) Lung volume
Tidal volume,
Residual volume,
Vital capacity
6  cards
C4) Control of breathing
2  cards
C5) Responses of respiratory system to sport
Increased breathing rate,
Increased tidal volume
2  cards
C6) Adaptations of respiratory system to sport
Increased vital capacity,
Increased strength of respiratory...,
Increased oxygen carbon dioxide t...
3  cards
C7) Additional factors
Altitude partial pressure
2  cards
D1) Structure of the cardiovascular system
Heart general facts,
Heart structure,
Function of the heart
16  cards
D2) Function of the cardiovascular system
Delivery of oxygen nutrients,
Removal of waste products carbon ...,
8  cards
D3) Nervous control of the cardiac cycle
Sino atrial node san,
Atrio ventricular node avn,
Bundle of his
9  cards
D4) Responses of the cardiovascular system to a single sport or exercise session
Anticipatory rise,
Increased heart rate,
Increased cardiac output
11  cards
D5) Adaptations of the cardiovascular system to exercise
Cardiac hypertrophy,
Increases in resting exercising s...,
Starling s law
8  cards
D6) Additional factors affecting the cardiovascular system
Sudden arrhythmic death syndrome ...,
5  cards
E1) Role of ATP in exercise
2  cards
E2) ATP-PC system in exercise and sports performance
Key facts,
Use in exercise
3  cards
E3) Lactate system in exercise & sports performance
Key facts,
Anaerobic glycolysis,
Breakdown of glucose glycogen
4  cards
E4) The aerobic system in exercise & sports performance
Key facts,
Stage 1 aerobic glycolysis
5  cards
E5) Adaptations of the energy systems to exercise
Atp pc,
Lactate system,
Aerobic energy system
6  cards
E6) Additional factors affecting the energy systems
Children s lack of lactate
3  cards

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