building construction related to the fire service

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Chapter 1 - Building Construction and the Fire Service
The process of restoring rundown ...,
The useful life span of a buildin...,
An _________ _____ ________ syste...
99  cards
Chapter 2 - Structural Fire Resistance and Building Classifications
Fire resistance determines the li...,
All building codes classify build...,
The combustible nature of a build...
105  cards
Chapter 3 - The Way Buildings are Built: Structural Design Features
What are some of the sources load...,
What is defined as any effect or ...,
_______ creates a force on a buil...
144  cards
Chapter 4 - Building Systems
The means of egress is composed o...,
Safe continuous path of travel fr...,
Stair that usually connects two f...
140  cards
Chapter 5 - Fire Behavior and Building Construction
In the international community th...,
The term _______ _______ is gener...,
Building codes usually exclude su...
90  cards
Chapter 6 - Foundations
Surface materials the allowable f...,
Surface materials test pits are u...,
Surface materials the use of a te...
41  cards
Chapter 7 - Wood Construction
Wood has a unique position among ...,
Wood is ________ to produce and r...,
As a building material wood has s...
114  cards
Chapter 8 - Masonry and Ordinary Construction
Bricks are produced from a variet...,
The hardness of brick is dependen...,
The bricks are fired in a kiln du...
41  cards
Chapter 9 - Steel Construction
Steel is a _______ and __________...,
The basic properties of steel are...,
Steel is basically an alloy of __...
83  cards
Chapter 10 - Concrete Construction
Concrete is produced from _______...,
Gravel stone sand or other inert ...,
Maintaining conditions to achieve...
60  cards
Chapter 11 - Roofs
Safety points to remember about r...,
From a fire fighting standpoint t...,
Many flat roofs are provided with...
69  cards
Chapter 12 - Special Structures and Design Features
Any building that requires fire f...,
High rise buildings the height is...,
Early high rise buildings these b...
47  cards
Chapter 13 - Buildings Under Construction, Remodeling, Expansion, and Demolition
Construction site access construc...,
Construction site access construc...,
Construction site access emergenc...
23  cards
Chapter 14 - Non-Fire Building Collapse
Earthquakes buildings constructed...,
Earthquakes seismic design consid...,
The potential for ___________ occ...
15  cards

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building construction related to the fire service

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