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Agency: Definition
What is agency,
What kind of contract is an agency,
Who is an agent
5  cards
Creation of the Contract of Agency
What is the contract of agency,
How else may a contract of agency...,
What is an implied contract
8  cards
Contractual Capacity
What is the requirement of the ca...,
Tinevelly sugar refining co v mir...,
S 51 of the companies act 2006
5  cards
Internal Agency Relationship
What is the requirement of the ag...,
What is the express and implied a...,
What is the scope of the agent s ...
34  cards
External Agency Relationship -- the contract between the principal and the third party
What are the four main ways agent...,
What happens when an agent acts f...,
Stewart v shannessy 1900
29  cards
Rights and Duties
What are the principal s rights a...,
What is the agent s fiduciary duty,
Imageview management ltd v jack 2...
26  cards
The Commercial Agents Regulations ("The Regulations")
What are the commercial agents re...,
Who do the commerical agents regu...,
What sort of agents do the regula...
36  cards
Partnership: General
Why choose a partnership,
What are the advantages of a part...,
What are the advantages of the li...
22  cards
The relations between partners and those dealing with the firm
How is liability for the firms de...,
What does it mean when we say a p...,
What is the liability for an inco...
14  cards
Relations between partners themselves
What governs the relations betwee...,
What regulates the duties of part...,
What are the duties of partners
19  cards
Dissolution of the Partnership
What are the categories of the di...,
What are the ways in which a part...,
Hill v wylie 1865 3 m 541
19  cards
Limited Liability Partnership Act 2000
What is the purpose of the limite...,
What are the advantages of the act,
What are the disadvantages of the...
20  cards
Limited Partnership Act 1907
Why was this act introduced,
What is required to make a limite...,
How is a limited partnership regi...
9  cards
Company Law: Nature and Structure of Companies
What are the aims and objectives ...,
When did the companies act 2006 c...,
Tables of destinations the 1985 a...
16  cards
Consequences of Incorporation
When are company s incorporated,
How are companys incorporated,
S 51 ca 2006
54  cards
Regulation of Companies
How are companies regulated
1  cards
Incorporation of Companies/Company Documents
Ss 7 38 ca 2006,
What are the important documents ...,
What is a memorandum of association
30  cards
Company Details
How can a company change its name,
How are the names of companies co...,
What is the requirement of a regi...
5  cards
Company Meetings
What are the two types of company...,
How are shareholders meetings reg...,
What is the function of the compa...
3  cards
Where are shares regulated in the...,
What is a share,
What do shares give you
16  cards
Directors' Duties
What or who is a company director,
How is a director defined in the ...,
What is a shadow director
90  cards
Duties of Care, Skill and Diligence - s 174 CA 2006
How does this duty differ from th...,
What is the distinction between s...,
Re city equitable fire insurance ...
14  cards
Ratification/Defences RE Breach of General Duties
What is the general law of the ra...,
What is the position under statute,
Eastford ltd v gillespie 2009 cso...
12  cards
“Loans”, “Quasi Loans” To Directors By Company and “Credit Transactions
What are the provisions concerned...,
What is the general prohibition,
What are the remedies for breach
6  cards
Personal Liability for Directors and Disqualification
What are directors personally lia...,
Re hydrodam corby ltd 1994 2 bclc...,
S 216 ia 86
15  cards
Shareholder's Remedies and Minority Protection
When was the misuse of confidenti...,
Cf percival v wright 1902 ch 421,
When is insider dealing relevant
78  cards
Capital Maintenance and "Financial Assistance" For Purchase of Company's Shares
What is capital maintenance,
What sections of the act govern f...,
What are the basic prohibitions f...
14  cards
What take overs will we be lookin...,
What is a take over,
How does a merger differ
34  cards

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