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1.1 - Meeting Customer Needs
What is a market,
What is marketing,
What does marketing involve
65  cards
1.2 The Market
What is demand,
What factors lead to a change in ...,
How do different demographics aff...
29  cards
1.3 Marketing risk and Strategy
What are the three factors of the...,
What is product design,
What is the importance of the fun...
86  cards
1.4 Managing People
How many employees does a small b...,
How many employees does a medium ...,
How many employees does a large b...
100  cards
1.5 Entrepreneurs and Leaders
What are opportunity costs,
What is the role of the entrepreneur,
How do entrepreneurs find busines...
110  cards
2.1 Raising Finance
What is capital expenditure,
What is revenue expenditure,
Bank loan short long internal ext...
103  cards
2.2 Financial Planning
What is consumer income,
What are consumer trends,
What are economic growth
87  cards
2.3 Managing Finance
What is amortisation,
What is cost of sales,
What is meant by exceptional costs
96  cards
2.4 Resource management
What is batch production,
What is capital intensive,
What is the definition of capital...
126  cards
2.5 External Influences
What are some examples of externa...,
What is the definition of appreci...,
What is the definition of base rate
129  cards
3.1 Business Objectives and Strategy
How is corporate objectives defined,
How is departmental and fundament...,
How is mission statement defined
76  cards
3.2 Business Growth
How is diseconomies of scale defined,
How is economies of scale defined,
How is external economies of scal...
73  cards
3.3 Decision-Making Techniques
How is centering defined,
How is correlation defined,
How is correlation coefficient de...
79  cards
3.4 Influences of Business Decisions
How is asset stripping defined,
How is evidence based decision ma...,
How is long term defined
128  cards
3.5 Assessing Competitiveness
How is finance cost defined,
How is finance income defined,
What are financial statements
94  cards
3.6 Managing Change
How is organisational change defined,
How is transformational leadershi...,
What are the potential causes of ...
57  cards
4.1 Globalisation
How is economics growth defined,
How is emerging economics defined,
How is human development index hd...
92  cards
4.2 Global Markets and Business Expansion
How is economies of scale defined,
How is labour productivity defined,
How is off shoring defined
73  cards
4.3 Global Marketing
How is economies of scale defined,
How is globalisation defined,
How is global marketing strategy ...
38  cards
4.4 Global Industries and Companies (Multinational Corporations)
How is reverse engineering defined,
How is transfer pricing defined,
What areas of the local economy d...
72  cards

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