Business Statistics

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What infographic do you never use,
4 fundamental terms of statistics
80  cards
Numerical Descriptive Statistics
4 measures used to describe data,
4 measures of central tendency,
5 measures of variation
63  cards
Principles of infographics
3 characteristics of a good infog...,
The utility of explorative and na...
43  cards
Basic Probability
3 approaches to assessing probabi...,
A priori,
36  cards
Discrete Probability
Discrete probability,
Discrete random variable,
37  cards
Decision making
Payoff table,
Opportunity loss
20  cards
Normal Distribution
Characteristics of the normal dis...,
Many different normal distributions,
What is the height of the curve a...
20  cards
Sampling Distributions
Sampling distribution,
Standard error of the mean,
If the population is not normal
40  cards
Confidence Interval Estimation
Point estimate,
Confidence interval,
Confidence interval estimation
37  cards
Fundamentals of hypothesis testing: one-sample tests
Population mean example,
Population proportion example
32  cards
Simple Linear Regression
Regression analysis,
Dependent variable y,
Independent variable x
33  cards
Introduction to Multiple Regression
Idea of the multiple regression m...,
Coefficients of the multiple regr...,
Why we need adjusted r 2
23  cards
Time-series forecasting
Importance of forecasting,
Time series data and plot,
Classical multiplicative time ser...
28  cards
Exam Revision
4 fundamental terms of statistics,
175  cards

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Business Statistics

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