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Chapter 1: Statistics and the Scientific Method
What are the methods of knowing 6,
20  cards
Chapter 2: Statistical Variation
X or y,
20  cards
Chapter 3: Frequency Distributions
Frequency distribution of group s...,
Frequency distributions,
Steps to making a frequency distr...
21  cards
Chapter 4: Measures of Central Tendency
Sample mean,
Population mean
17  cards
Chapter 5: Normal Distribution Standard Scores
When data is graphed it tends to ...,
What is an example of the natural...,
What are the four characteristics...
16  cards
Chapter 6: Correlation and Predicted Variance
Relationships in statistics are l...,
Correlations 4,
When constructing a scatter what ...
30  cards
Chapter 7: Linear Regression
Regression definition go,
Least square criterion,
Least squares regression line
11  cards
Chapter 12: Sampling Distribution of the Mean and Z-test
Characteristics of random samplin...,
Why is random sampling important ...,
What is an experiment
34  cards
Chapter 12: Power and Power calculations
Alpha limits the probability of m...,
Fill in the state of reality tabl...,
What does beta limit the probabil...
17  cards
Chapter 13 : Single Sample t-Test
When do you use the z test 2,
When population standard deviatio...,
What are the three kinds of t tests
26  cards
Chapter 14: Correlated Groups t-Test
When do we use single sample t test,
What are the limitations of singl...,
Characteristics of correlated gro...
11  cards
Chapter 14: Independent Group t-Test
When do you go by correlated grou...,
Experiment with two conditions,
What are the characteristics of i...
23  cards
Chapter 15: One Way ANOVA
Analysis of variance anova uses _...,
The anova is a test used to analy...,
We use the ___ test to tell us wh...
45  cards
Chapter 16: Two Way ANOVA
The two way anova is a series of ...,
Definition of a factorial experiment,
Give an example of the difference...
20  cards
Chapter 17: Nonparamatric Tests - Chi Square
Chi square is sometimes used to d...,
What is a contingency table,
Define contingency
24  cards
Chapter 17: Nonparamatric Tests - Wilcoxin Matched Pairs Signed Rank
The wilcoxin matched pairs signed...,
This test is relatively_____ such...,
The wilcoxin matched pairs signed...
5  cards
Chapter 17: Nonparamatric Tests - Mann-Whintey U Test
The mann whiney u test is used in...,
Data must be at least ___ scaling,
3  cards
Chapter 17: Nonparamatric Tests- Kriskul-Wallis Test
The kruskal wallis test is used i...,
What are the assumptions for the ...,
Null hypothesis for this test
8  cards
Repeated Measures ANOVA
What exactly is a repeated measur...,
Most commonly there are two circu...,
The iv in a repeated measures ano...
6  cards
Multiple Regression
When is a statistical test for th...,
With spss this test is conducted ...,
To determine if the overall regre...
31  cards
Repeated Measures 2-way ANOVA
How many iv s dv s,
What does 2x2x3 rm anova mean
2  cards

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