business studies (a levels)

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Chapter 1 (Enterprise)
What are consumer goods,
What are consumer services,
What are capital goods
15  cards
How to calculate net profit margin,
How to calculate total revenue,
How to calculate total cost
24  cards
Chapter 2 (Business structure)
What is primary sector business a...,
What is secondary sector business...,
What is tertiary sector of busine...
55  cards
Chapter 3 (size of a business)
5 methods of measuring a business...,
2 sales turnover is,
3 capital employed is
35  cards
Chapter 4 (business objectives)
What is the acronym smart stand for,
What is a mission statement,
What are corporate aims
27  cards
chapter 5 (Stakeholders in a business)
Stakeholder concept,
Who are the stakeholders
7  cards
Chapter 6 and 7(external influences on business activity)
The main factor that affects most...,
Degree of competition,
Other factors that can affect the...
54  cards
Chapter 33 (investment appraisal)
Investment appraisal is,
What info do you need to appraise...,
Residual value is
17  cards
Chapter 32
What are the different ratios to ...,
Profitability ratio,
Liquidity ratio
33  cards
Chapter 8 Management
What is a manager,
What are managers responsible for,
What did henry mintzberg identify
33  cards
Unit Definitions
Consumer goods,
Consumer services,
Capital goods
235  cards
Chapter 9
What is motivation,
Why are motivated workers important,
How to improve output per worker ...
40  cards
Chapter 10
What is human resources managemen...,
What is the main purpose of hrm,
What are the other responsibiliti...
35  cards
Chapter 11
What is labour productivity,
How to calculate labour productivity,
How might labour productivity inc...
25  cards
Chapter 13 communication
What is effective communication,
What are the key features of effe...,
Why is effective communication im...
33  cards
Chapter 12 (organisation)
What is organisational structure,
What is the hierarchical or burea...,
The hierarchical or bureaucratic ...
23  cards
Chapter 14 (marketing)
What is marketing,
What is a market,
What is a consumer market
19  cards
Chapter 15 (market research)
What is market research,
Why is market research important ...,
What are some of the management p...
25  cards
Chapter 16 & 17 The Marketing Mix Product
What is marketing mix,
What are the 4ps,
What are the 4cs
89  cards
Chapter 18 (Marketing planning)
What is marketing plan,
The key contents of a typical mar...,
Situational analysis should cover...
39  cards
Chapter 26 (business finance)
Why does business activity requir...,
How to calculate working capital,
Revenue expenditure is
18  cards
Chapter 27 (forecasting cash flows)
What is liquidation,
What is cash flow forecast,
What is net monthly cash flow
23  cards
Chapter 28 (costs)
What are the costs of production,
What are direct costs,
What are indirect costs
11  cards
Chapter 29 (accounting fundamentals)
What are the internal and externa...,
How the source will use the accou...,
How the source will use the accou...
17  cards
Chapter 30 (budgets)
What is a budget,
Advantages of setting budgets,
What is a budget holder
9  cards
Chapter 31 (contents of published accounts)
What is goodwill
1  cards
Chapter 32 (Analysis of published accounts)
0  cards
Chapter 19 Globalisation and international marketing
What is globalization,
What key features of globalisatio...,
What are multinational companies
26  cards
Chapter 20 The nature of Operations
What is operations management,
Operation managers are concerned ...,
What is the production process
20  cards
chapter 4
What is up
1  cards
Chapter 21 operation planning
What is operations planning,
What do operation managers need t...,
What is operational flexibility
41  cards
Chapter 22 Inventory management
What is stock,
What are the 3 forms of inventory,
What can happen without effective...
21  cards
Chapter 23 Capacity utilisation
What is capacity utilisation,
How to calculate capacity utilisa...,
What happens when capacity utilis...
37  cards
Chapter 24 Lean production and quality management
What is lean production,
What are the main sources of wast...,
What is simultaneous engineering
23  cards
Chapter 25 Project Management
What is a project,
What is project management,
What is critical path analysis cpa
15  cards
Chapter 26 Business Finance
Why business activity requires fi...,
What is start up capital,
What is working capital
38  cards
Chapter 27 Forecasting cash flows
What is cash flow,
When does liquidation occur,
What is insolvent
32  cards
Chapter 28 Cost
What are the uses of cost data,
What are the different categories...,
Explain direct costs
16  cards
Chapter 28 Cost A2
What are cost centers,
What are profit centers,
What are the groups overheads are...
9  cards
Chapter 29 Accounting Fundamentals
Why keep accounting records,
What are the internal uses of acc...,
What are the external uses of acc...
48  cards

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