business: theme 1 & 4

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The Market 1.1.1
What is a market,
Define mass market,
Define niche market
22  cards
Market research 1.1.2
Define product orientation,
What does a business concentrate ...,
What is market orientation
34  cards
Market positioning 1.1.3
Define product differentiation,
Definition of unique selling point,
What are the benefits of product ...
14  cards
Demand 1.2.1
Define demand,
Define shortage,
Define surplus
18  cards
Supply 1.2.2
Define supply,
Define market supply,
As price rises
13  cards
Markets 1.2.3
What is a market,
What are determinants of market s...,
What are the factors of production
19  cards
Price elasticity of demand 1.2.4
What does ped stand for,
What is ped,
What type of relationship is ther...
18  cards
Income elasticity of demand 1.2.5
What is income elasticity of dema...,
Define of income elasticity of de...,
Define income elastic demand
12  cards
Product/ service design 1.3.1
Define the design mix,
What are the 3 components of the ...,
In terms of function what would b...
10  cards
Branding and promotion 1.3.2
Define branding,
Define brand,
What are the benefits of strong b...
38  cards
Pricing strategies 1.3.3
What is price,
Price strategies include,
Describe cost plus
21  cards
Distribution 1.3.4
When looking at distribution what...,
What might happen if distribution...,
What should distribution networks do
36  cards
Marketing strategy 1.3.5
What is the product life cycle,
Name the stages of the product li...,
Development stage impact on cash ...
38  cards
Approaches to staffing 1.4.1
What are hr approaches,
What are the 2 opposing hrm appro...,
What is hard hrm
43  cards
Recruitment, selection and training 1.4.2
What is recruitment and selection,
Who is likely to handle recruitme...,
Why may a business need new staff
38  cards
Organisational design 1.4.3
What is organisational design,
What is organisational structure,
What are organisation charts
19  cards
Motivation in theory and practice 1.4.4
What is motivation,
What is motivation theory,
What are the 4 motivation theorists
24  cards
Leadership 1.4.5
What are the 4 basic functions of...,
What is leadership,
What is management
16  cards
Role of an entrepreneur 1.5.1
What is an entrepreneur,
What do entrepreneurs do,
Where do business ideas come from
12  cards
Entrepreneurial motives and characteristics 1.5.2
What are the characteristics need...,
What are the skills needed for an...,
What is piece rate
16  cards
Business objectives 1.5.3
What are business objectives,
What are aims,
What is sales maximisation
11  cards
Forms of business 1.5.4
What is a business form,
What is unlimited liability,
What is a sole trader
33  cards
Business choices 1.5.5
What is opportunity cost,
What are choices,
What are trade offs
5  cards
Moving from entrepreneur to leader 1.5.6
What is an entrepreneur,
What is a leader,
What is there likely to be a grow...
8  cards
Growing economies 4.1.1
What is economic growth,
What are emerging economies,
What are bric economies
19  cards
International trade and business growth 4.1.2
What are imports,
What are exports,
What are the factors affecting im...
19  cards
Factors contributing to increased globalisation 4.1.3
What is globalisation,
What are the features of globalis...,
What is trade liberalisation
13  cards
Protectionism 4.1.4
What is protectionism,
What are the 3 types of protectio...,
What are tariffs
23  cards
Trade Blocs 4.1.5
What is a trade bloc,
What are the types of trading blocs,
What is a common market
8  cards
Conditions that prompt trade 4.2.1
What are conditions that prompt t...,
What are the push factors,
What are 2 push factors
16  cards
Assessment of a country as a market 4.2.2
What are the 5 factors you need t...,
Why might a business assess a cou...,
What is disposable income
12  cards
Assessment of a country as a production location 4.2.3
What are the factors to consider,
Costs of production,
Skills availability of labour force
10  cards
Reasons for global mergers or joint ventures 4.2.4
What s a merger,
What s a joint venture,
Spreading risk and joint venture
16  cards
Global competitiveness 4.2.5
What are exchange rates,
How do exchange rates impact glob...,
What happens during a boom in rel...
25  cards
Marketing 4.3.1
What is a global marketing strategy,
What are the benefits and disadva...,
What is glocalisation
22  cards
Niche markets 4.3.2
What is a niche market,
What is cultural diversity,
What are global niche markets
12  cards
Cultural/social factors 4.3.3
What are cultural social factors,
What are the examples of cultural...,
What are cultural differences
8  cards
The impact of MNCs 4.4.1
What is a multinational corporation,
What are the characteristics of a...,
How do mncs impact the local economy
25  cards
Ethics 4.4.2
What is a stakeholder,
What are the 2 types of stakeholders,
What is an internal stakeholder a...
14  cards
Controlling MNCs 4.4.3
What are factors to consider,
How can mncs be controlled,
Political influence
6  cards

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