a level business theme 4

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4.4.2 Ethics
Ethical behaviour,
17  cards
4.1.1 Growing Economies
Emerging economy,
Brics countries
26  cards
4.2.1 conditions that prompt trade
International trade
17  cards
4.1.2 International trade and business growth
International trade,
Uks imports and exports,
Uks top export commodities
21  cards
4.1.4 Protectionism
Protectionism involves,
Reasons for aims of protectionism,
3 main types of protectionism
19  cards
4.1.5 Trade blocs
Trade bloc,
Why have trade blocs,
5 positives of trade blocs
32  cards
4.2.2 Assessment of a country as a market
Factors affecting the suitability...,
Level and growth of disposable in...,
Disposable income
15  cards
4.2.3 Assessment of a country as a production location
Factors affecting whether good pr...,
Costs of production,
Skills and availability of labour...
9  cards
4.4.1 Impact of MNCs
Characteristics of mncs,
Impact of mncs on local labour ma...
20  cards
4.3.1 Global marketing approaches
Global marketing strategy,
Pros of global marketing approaches,
Cons of global marketing approaches
27  cards
4.3.2 Niche markets (global niche and mass markets)
Balance of payments,
Transfer pricing,
Niche market features
11  cards
4.3.3 Cultural and social factors
Culture affects businesses,
Cultural differences that may hav...
8  cards
4.2.4 Reasons for global mergers or joint ventures
Organic growth,
2 ways for business to expand gro...,
Joint venture
6  cards
4.2.5 Global competitiveness
Exchange rate,
27  cards
4.1.3 Factors contributing to increased globalisation
Factors contributing to increased...,
Trade liberalisation
21  cards
4.4.3 Controlling MNCs
Multinational vs developing count...,
Why activities of mncs need contr...
19  cards

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