business theme 2 (td)

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2.1.1 Internal finance
What are the reasons for the need...,
What are sources of internal fina...,
What is retained profit 1
9  cards
2.1.2 External finance
What are sources of external fina...,
What are the pros of a bank loan 3,
What are the cons of a bank loan 3
12  cards
2.1.2 External methods of finance
What are the external methods of ...,
What are the pros of a loan 4,
What are the cons of a loan and w...
19  cards
2.1.3 Liability
What is limited liability 1,
What is unlimited liability 1,
Which forms of business have unli...
7  cards
2.1.4 Planning
What is cash inflow 1,
How do you calculate the monthly ...,
What does the opening balance show 1
10  cards
2.2.2 Sales, revenue and costs
How do you calculate sales revenue 1,
What are two ways a business can ...,
What are the ways of boosting a f...
9  cards
2.3.1 Profit
How do you calculate gross profit 1,
How do you calculate operating pr...,
How do you calculate profit for t...
15  cards
2.3.2 Liquidity
What is a fixed asset 1,
What is a current asset 1,
What are receivables trade receiv...
21  cards
2.3.3 Business failure
What are the internal causes of b...,
How can systems or operations fai...,
How can a marketing failure resul...
6  cards
2.4.1 Production, productivity and efficiency
What is job production and an exa...,
What are the benefits of job prod...,
What are the drawbacks of job pro...
17  cards
2.4.2 Capacity utilisation
How do you calculate capacity uti...,
What are the implications of unde...,
What are the implications of over...
7  cards
2.4.3 Stock control
What is stock inventory 1,
What are the key features of stoc...,
What are the pros of just in case 3
16  cards
2.4.4 Quality management
What is quality assurance 1,
What is total quality management ...,
What is the process of quality co...
15  cards
2.5.1 Economic influences
What are the main economic influe...,
How may inflation negatively impa...,
What is not happening if inflatio...
16  cards
2.5.2 Legislation
What are the main areas that law ...,
What are the main goals of consum...,
What are the two specific consume...
15  cards
2.5.3 The competitive environment
What is a monopoly 1,
Why is a monopoly bad for consume...,
What is an oligopoly 1
3  cards
2.2.1 Sales forecasting
What are the purposes of sales fo...,
What may consumer trends be affec...,
What individual economic variable...
5  cards
2.2.3 Break-even
How do you calculate contribution 1,
How do you calculate break even 1,
How do you calculate margin of sa...
5  cards
2.2.4 Budgets
What is an income budget 1,
What is an expenditure budget 1,
What do both income and expenditu...
7  cards

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