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Decks in this class (27)

A1:1 Hi!
Saying hello and goodbye in different ways
6  cards
A1:2 What's your name?
Talking about ourselves and asking about others
14  cards
A1:3 How are you?
Expressing how we feel- asking simple questions
6  cards
A1:4 I'm from...
Learning countries and languages- personal pronouns
9  cards
A1:5 I have three siblings.
Speaking about your family and people around you
9  cards
A1:6 Two cups of coffee, please
Learning the numbers 1-10
10  cards
A1:7 What do you do after work?
Talking about our job and things we do in our free time
19  cards
A1:8 Can you help me?
Asking for help
8  cards
A1:9 What's your family like?
Describing more family members, yourself, and other things
10  cards
A1:10 That's my bag!
Naming objects and who they belong to
16  cards
A1:11 What colour is your bike?
Describing what things are like with colours and other adjectives
21  cards
A1:12 I'm from a small town
Talking about the town you live in
7  cards
A1:13 The street I live on is long
Describing cities
8  cards
A1:14 Where's the train station?
Naming points of interest in a city and asking for directions
28  cards
A1:15 What's your address?
Talking about the kind of house or flat you live in
9  cards
A1:16 That's my flat!
Describing your house using prepositions
8  cards
A1:17 We need to buy some milk
Talking about the groceries you need to buy
14  cards
A1:18 I'm going to the supermarket
Talking about quantities and numbers 11-50
32  cards
A1:19 What day is today?
Learning the days of the week
14  cards
A1:20 Let's go out to eat tonight!
Ordering food and drinks in bars and restaurants
21  cards
A1:21 What do you do in your free time?
Describing hobbies with separable verbs
22  cards
A1:22 Do you play any sports?
Talking about physical activities
18  cards
A1:23 I'm getting ready for work
Describing daily routines and what you look like
25  cards
A1:24 My brother plays the saxophone
Talking about musical instruments
8  cards
A1:25 What time is it?
Telling the time
17  cards
A1:26 What's the weather like?
Naming months and seasons, talking about the weather
26  cards
A1:27 Thanks for your email
Knowing how to fill out forms and write letters or emails
18  cards

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