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Vomiting in Small Animals
What is the generic diagnostic ap...,
What might owners confuse with vo...,
What are the phases of vomiting
81  cards
Abdominal Pain In Small Animals
How severe is the problem likely ...,
What is meant by the term acute a...,
What information should be gather...
46  cards
Hepatic Disease In Dogs And Cats
What clinical signs can be associ...,
Why is it more difficult to asses...,
What can and can t clinical path ...
81  cards
Pathology Of The Liver And Pancreas
List the key functions of the liver,
Describe the normal level of oxyg...,
Describe the blood supply to the ...
106  cards
Diagnosis Of Effusions
What is an effusion,
What is the clinical significance...,
Why should we analyse effusions
46  cards
Cow With Abdominal Pain
What is the optimum ph for rumen ...,
What is the main vfa produced at ...,
What percentage of fat in milk wo...
67  cards
Equine Dentistry
0  cards
Small Animal GI Surgery
What must you do before performin...,
A patient presents with gastric v...,
How can a patient with gastric vo...
92  cards
Diarrhoea In SA
What it the normal approach to a ...,
What is the approach to clinical ...,
Why is the problem based approach...
56  cards
Diarrhoea In Farm Animals
What are the three key influencin...,
What husbandry factor is key in i...,
What perspectives do you have to ...
46  cards
Equine Diarrhoea
How is the approach to equine dia...,
What usually causes diarrhoea in ...,
What is the function of the colon...
39  cards
Intestinal Pathology
How long does it take for the cel...,
How does inflammatory infiltrate ...,
What are the clinical signs assoc...
49  cards
Nutritional Management Of GI Disease
When would you consider nutrition...,
How could you determine whether f...,
When would you consider nutrition...
42  cards
Colic: diagnostics
What should you check first when ...,
What is the normal heart rate ran...,
Why might the heart rate of a hor...
43  cards
What does gdv stand for,
What changes occur to the stomach...,
What can lead to gastric dilation
31  cards
Colic - Decision Making
Define colic,
What kinds of obstructions can re...,
What mechanical obstructions can ...
39  cards

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bvetmed3 alimentary

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