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What are mechanisms that bacteria...,
Give an example of a bacteria tha...,
Give an example of a bacteria tha...
160  cards
Name all the ways drugs achieve s...,
What are the ways that drugs can ...,
What are ways drugs can disrupt p...
62  cards
All tumour viruses carry viral on...,
Name two types diseases that affe...,
Describe the pathogenesis of feli...
67  cards
Where do pox viruses replicate,
What is the site of infection of ...,
What is the site of infection of
71  cards
What are the four factors on whic...,
What causes cellular injury,
What are the five main types of c...
90  cards
Endocrinology - Principles
What are the,
What is the main structural diffe...,
What are the 11 tissues and organ...
57  cards
Hypothalamic & Pituitary Hormones
How do hypothalamic hormones reac...,
How do hormones enter the bloodst...,
What is the adenohypophysis and w...
47  cards
Thyroid & Parathyroid Hormones
What are three fundamental physio...,
What are the major hormones produ...,
What are the cells in the thyroid...
28  cards
Adrenal-gland Hormones
In the adrenal gland where are no...,
Form superficial to deep what are...,
What type of hormone is synthesiz...
36  cards
Pancreatic hormones
Name four hormones synthesized an...,
What are the three types of pancr...,
Describe the synthesis of insulin...
14  cards
Urogenital System
What is the main cation in intrac...,
What is the main cation in extrac...,
53  cards
What is the proper name of the in...,
What is the proper name of the ou...,
Which nerve innervates the urethr...
13  cards
Kidney drugs
What are some adh inhibitors that...,
What are some adh inhibitors that...,
Same some
14  cards
Immunology - Haematopoeisis
What are the different types of h...,
What is meant by,
What role do the foetal liver spl...
19  cards
Immunology - Lymphocyte development
Describe the role of the microenv...,
What is are the microenvironement...,
B cells and t cells
18  cards
Immunology - T-cells & development
Compare contrast the mechanisms l...,
What are cd8 t cells,
What happens after naive t cells ...
21  cards
Immunology - Antibody Structure & Function
What is the fab region of an anti...,
Do the vdj segments of the fab re...,
What is the order of vdj recombin...
26  cards
Immunology - Vaccines & Vaccination
In terms of vaccines,
In terms of vaccines some take ad...,
In terms of vaccines some take ad...
13  cards
Immunology - Immunodeficiency & Hypersensitivity
What is the difference between pr...,
What is a secondary immunodeficiency,
Clad equine scid
12  cards
Immunology -Allergy & Autoimmunity
How do hypersensitivity reaction ...,
How do the mechanisms differ betw...,
What are some of the
18  cards
There are two types of inflammati...,
There are several types of chroni...,
What are the vascular changes tha...
25  cards
Anti-inflammatory Drugs
Inflammatory mediators are target...,
Give examples of inflammatory med...,
Give examples of inflammatory med...
14  cards
In terms of cardiac action potent...,
In the context of a cardiac actio...,
The mitral valve is the valve bet...
28  cards
Cardiovascular - Neural & Hormonal Control of BP
Intrinsic mechanisms of cardiovas...,
Cardiac muscle is under x control...,
What is the arterial barometer re...
19  cards
Cardiovascular - Embryology
In cardiovascular embryology what...,
In cvs embryological development ...,
What happens in the first heart f...
9  cards
Cardiovascular - Drugs & Heart
What are the three,
What are examples of drugs that t...,
What are examples of heart drugs ...
13  cards
Cardiovascular - Drugs & Vasculature
What types of receptors should dr...,
What would an alpha 1 adernergic ...,
What would be the effect of a dru...
13  cards
Cardiovascular - Haemostasis & Drugs
What are the,
In haemostasis what happen in the...,
What happens in the second stage ...
13  cards
Which parts of the upper respirat...,
What is the name of the muscle th...,
What types of cells are located i...
42  cards
Respiratory - Respiratory Drugs
What is,
What type of respiratory ailments...,
What are three classes of drug to...
10  cards
Respiratory - Other vertebrates
How many air sacs to birds have w...,
Where does gas exchange take plac...,
Through what structures does air ...
24  cards
Cardiovascular - Developmental Diseases
Why would a patent foramen ovale ...,
How would a patent foramen ovale ...,
What is the portosystemic shunt
10  cards
Cardiovascular - Foetal Circulation
What structure does the remnant o...,
Where do the umbilical arteries r...,
What structures do the remnants o...
16  cards
Cardiovascular - Parasites of the CVS
What is babesia and where can it ...,
What is babesios,
What is the pathogenic babesia sp...
17  cards
Pharmacology - Principles
Would you be likely to prescribe ...,
Describe the different ways in wh...,
Give an example of a competitive ...
35  cards
Reproduction - Oestrus Cycle
In the pre ovulatory,
At the pro oestrus very early sta...,
In the early pro oestrus stage of...
12  cards
Reproduction - Hormonal Control
What are the main classes of repr...,
Give examples of reproductive hor...,
Give examples of reproductive hor...
15  cards
Reproduction - Comparative Oestrus Cycles & Pharma
What is the,
What is the,
What is the length of the oestrus...
49  cards
Reproduction - Maternal Recognition of Pregnancy
Why is maternal recognition of pr...,
Aside from preventing the start o...,
The luteal phase is longer than t...
9  cards
Reproduction - Parturition
What are the physiological vs hor...,
Outline in brief the fergusson co...,
How does the foetus initiate part...
6  cards
Reproduction - Male Repro Overview
What are the three main products ...,
Where does mitosis of spermatogon...,
Where do the first and second rou...
18  cards
Reproduction - Fertilisation
What is important about sperm s s...,
What s important about sperm stor...,
What happens during the acrosome ...
20  cards
Reproduction - Sperm Journey in Female Tract
What causes erection,
Once the sperm is inside the fema...,
What happens to the sperm during ...
10  cards
Reproduction - Placenta
What are the four main foetal mem...,
What germ cell is the chorionic m...,
What is the function of the chorion
26  cards
Reproduction - Female Tract Anatomy
What are the,
The broad ligament is a,
What is the intercornual ligament
12  cards
Reproduction - Puberty & Maturity
What is the role of leptin in pub...,
What does fatness weight have to ...
2  cards
Reproduction -Mammary Gland
What is the teat cistern,
What is the gland cistern
28  cards
What are the anatomical layers,
Skin serves 11 functions enclosin...,
What are the skin s anti microbia...
35  cards
Skin - Wound healing
What are the four phases of wound...,
What happens in the first stage o...,
What happens in the second stage ...
8  cards
Parasitology - Fleas & Lice
When talking about parasites of t...,
Fleas are anthropods from the,
In general how would you characte...
45  cards
Parasitology - Nuisance & Biting Flies
Aside from fleas lice what are th...,
In what family of diptera insects...,
What genus of diptera contain the...
37  cards
Parasitology - Myiasis-producing flies
What is myiasis,
Myiasis can be classified in a co...,
What are the two main families of...
24  cards
Parasitology - Ticks
Ticks are in the arthropoda,
What are chelicerae,
How are ticks classified
21  cards
Parasitology - Mites
How big are mites,
Can you kill them with insecticides,
How are they classified
55  cards
Parasitology - Bovine PGE
Bovine parasitic gastro enteritis...,
What is the primary pathogen of c...,
What do the eggs of the ostertagi...
13  cards
Parasitology - Sheep PGE
What are the,
Where does ostertagia circumcinta...,
What is the most predominant form...
19  cards
Parasitology - Equine PGE
What is the most important nemato...,
What are parasites that invade th...,
What is the name of the pge cause...
39  cards
Parasitology - Porcine PGE
Are indoor housed or free range p...,
What are the four main nematode p...,
Which of the porcine nematodes is...
22  cards
Parasitology - Avian PGE
Nematodes are not normally a prob...,
Trichostrongylus tenuis nematode ...,
What is the pathogenesis of trich...
12  cards
Parasitology - Small Animal PGE
What is the most important nemato...,
What is the naem of the pge condi...,
What are the main nematodes that ...
27  cards
Parasitology - Cestodes & Horse Bots
Cestodes are tapeworms and they a...,
Should owners of dogs and cats be...,
What is the life cycle of dipylid...
32  cards
Parasitology - Avian Coccidiosis
Coccidiosis in poultry can,
What is the pre patent period of ...,
What does it mean that the eimeri...
22  cards
Parasitology - Mammalian Coccidiosis
Many species of eimeria that caus...,
Coccidia of cattle there are many...,
What would you use to vaccinate a...
25  cards
Parasitology - Other protozoa
Cryptosporidium giardia histomona...,
What is special about the cryptos...,
Cryptosporidium is different from...
18  cards
Parasitology -Liver flukes
What is fasciolosis caused by and...,
What are the main differences in ...,
What is special about the appeara...
20  cards
Parasitology - Echinococcus & Hydatid disease (esp. liver)
What type of worm is echinococcus...,
What are the two main echinococcu...,
In which species does echinococcu...
13  cards
Parasitology - Urogenital (ie, more mammalian Coccidia)
Why is toxoplasma gondii a cyst f...,
What is another cyst forming cocc...,
How do toxoplasma gondii neospora...
7  cards
Parasitology - Respiratory - Large & Small Animal Lungworm + Nasal Myiasis
What is the lung worm that affect...,
Dictyocaulus viviparus is a 1 ces...,
Where is the site of infection of...
33  cards
Locomotor - (Canine) Forelimb
What are the major muscle groups ...,
Which nerve innervates the tricep...,
Which nerve innervates the biceps...
12  cards
Locomotor - (Canine) Hindlimb
What is meant by the,
What are the girdle muscles aka s...,
What are the rump muscles
22  cards
Locomotor - Equine Forelimb
What is the proper anatomical ter...,
What is the anatomical name of th...,
What is the anatomical term for t...
15  cards
Locomotor - Equine Hindlimb
What are the mechanisms behind th...,
What are the ligaments involved i...,
How does the reciprocal apparatus...
10  cards
Locomotor - Equine Distal Limb
What are the three layers,
What lies flush to the,
From what
20  cards
Locomotor- Muscles, Tendons
Would you see more or less sdh su...,
When muscle fibres are stained fo...,
Are fast twitch muscles located s...
8  cards
Locomotor - Fracture Physiology
Describe the functional cells and...,
Describe how the pathway of funct...,
What is the difference between a ...
22  cards
Locomotor - Diaphyseal Bone Fracture Healing
Describe the forces acting on a f...,
Say you have a diaphyseal fractur...,
What are the advantages and disad...
14  cards
Locomotor - Non-diaphyseal Bone Fracture Healing
What are the forces that act on n...,
Since compression is the only for...,
What are all the different types ...
12  cards
Locomotor - Tendons
What is the microscopic makeup,
What is the blood supply to tendon,
What makes up the cellular popula...
7  cards
Locomotion - Spine
How many cervical vertebrae are i...,
How many thoracic vertebrae are i...,
How many lumbar vertebrae do most...
13  cards
Locomotion - Production-Animal (Cow & Pig) Lameness
What are the direct costs of lame...,
What are the indirect costs of pr...,
What types of production animals ...
10  cards
Locomotion - Bird Loco & Metabolic Bone Disease
What are the adaptations of the b...,
What is the purpose of the trioss...,
What is different in birds with r...
14  cards
Parasitology - Locomotor Parasites
What are the main parasites of th...,
What are the main features of sar...,
What are the final hosts of sarco...
29  cards
What are all the physiological me...,
How does the hypothalamus and mid...,
What elements of and in the skin ...
20  cards
Acid-Base Principles
If you are given concentrations f...,
What is physiological ph,
In the dissociation of weak acid ...
13  cards
Acid-Base Excretion
What is the first,
How is blood,
What is the
7  cards
Population Skills - Stats
What is the difference between pr...,
How can bias or selection bias be...,
What is the difference between co...
11  cards
What is the difference between ri...,
What is a decision in the context...,
What are the components of ration...
40  cards
What are the key components of th...,
What are the elements of the four...
2  cards

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