ca real estate principles

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The Business of Real Estate
A broker wanted to operate a real...,
A salesperson tells his broker th...,
The real estate law does not requ...
33  cards
The Nature of Real Property
Which of the following has had th...,
Spanish settlement of california ...,
When california changed from span...
27  cards
Ownership of Real Property
In california the term real prope...,
Freehold estate includes a estate...,
Mark gives a life estate to charl...
23  cards
Transferring Real Estate
After california became a state t...,
What usually happens to a person ...,
A will written in the testator s ...
28  cards
Encumbrances to Real Estate
Since an encumbrance can limit th...,
Which of the following liens cove...,
Which of the following may file a...
29  cards
The Law of Agency
Most of the laws dealing with the...,
A person authorized by a principa...,
An agent who tries to sell a prop...
33  cards
Failure to perform any of the ter...,
When speaking about contract obli...,
A contract signed under duress is...
31  cards
Financing Real Estate
Which of following is a benefit o...,
When borrowing money to purchase ...,
When the federal reserve board wa...
34  cards
Government Sponsored & Other Financing
All of the following are characte...,
A discount point is a 1 of the lo...,
The type of loan where the intere...
36  cards
Escrow & Title Insurance
The escrow holder s duties may in...,
Which of the following is require...,
Which of the following statements...
29  cards
Real Estate Taxation
Which of the following is conside...,
If a property owner believes that...,
An owner occupied residence quali...
30  cards
Real Estate Appraising
The licensing of real estate appr...,
The most probable price a propert...,
Appraiser s opinion oof what a ty...
32  cards
Residential Design & Construction
California regulates the building...,
State building codes are enforced...,
To protect homeowners against unf...
31  cards
Government Control of Land Use
The owner of a house located next...,
T or f taking a property by conde...,
The city s master plan includes a...
25  cards
Landlord & Tenant
Under a lease the leasehold inter...,
Brown leases a residence from bak...,
If no lease term period of time i...
29  cards

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