principle of ca real estate - ca license law

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Section 2 - CA License Law
Real Estate Law & Authorities in CA, CA Real Estate Activities, Obtaining & keeping a license in CA, Violations, Complaints & Disciplinary Actions.
20  cards
Section 3: CA Property Ownership
Real Property and the Bundle of Rights; Real Estate, Real Property, and Personal Property; Forms of Real Estate Property Ownership; Real Estate Trusts
52  cards
Section 4 - Intro to CA Agency Law
CA Agency Basics; Fiduciary Duties; Agency Creation & Termination; Agency Relationships in CA
30  cards
Section 5 - Legal Descriptions
Legal Description Purpose and Methodology; Surveys and Elevations; Land Measurements and Calculations
14  cards
Section 6 - California Land Use Controls and Regulations
City Planning and Public Land Use Controls; Public Land Use Controls and Zoning in California; Special Zoning Types
15  cards
Section 7: Title to Real Property and Deeds
Deed & more deeds; Transferring Title to Real property
31  cards
Section 8 - General Control Law in CA
Essential Elements of a Valid Contract in CA; Contract types & their effects in CA; Performance and discharge of a contract in CA; Real Estate Contracts in CA
19  cards
Section 9 - Encumbrances and Title Insurance
Recording Acts and Encumbrances in CA; More about Liens in CA; Title Insurance
25  cards
Section 10 - Federal and California Fair Housing Laws
No deck description has yet been added by the author.
13  cards
Section 11 - Leasing Terms
Residential & Commercial Lease Basics; Dual Nature of a Lease: Contract & Conveyance
21  cards
SECTION 12 - Property Values in CA
No deck description has yet been added by the author.
21  cards
Section 13 - Landlord Tenant Relations in CA
No deck description has yet been added by the author.
0  cards
Section 14 - Financing in CA
No deck description has yet been added by the author.
1  cards

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principle of ca real estate - ca license law

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