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[🧫] Cell Structure
Including... • 1.1 The microscope in cell studies • 1.2 Cells as the basic units of living organisms
31  cards
[🧠] Definitions
Define correlation co efficient,
Define experiment,
28  cards
[🧪] Definitions
Define first ionisation energy,
Define isotope,
Define unified atomic mass unit
23  cards
[📊] Statistics 101
Advantages of mean,
Disadvantages of mean,
Advantages of median
6  cards
[🧪] Chemical bonding
Bond angle ofnh,
Bond angle ofco,
Bond angle ofbf
14  cards
[🧪] Qualitative Analysis
Solubilityall na salts are,
Solubility all k salts are,
6  cards
[🧫] Biological Molecules
Elements in protein,
Elements in nucleic acids,
Bonds in lipid molecules
16  cards
[🧠] Experiments
What are the features of an indep...,
What are the features of a repeat...,
Advantages of independent measure...
6  cards
[🧠] Milgram (1963)
3 details of the participant that...,
Who was formally asked to predict...,
What were the 14 yale pscyhology ...
30  cards
[🧫] Nucleic Acids and Protein Synthesis | Definitions
Definegene mutation,
Definehomologous chromosomes
14  cards
[🧠] Perry et al.
The study by Perry et al. investigated personal space (interpersonal distance). They tested how empathy and oxytocin affected the perception of personal space using a placebo to compare to oxytocin. Two experiments used different techniques to measure interpersonal distance and questionnaires were also used. Experiment 1 used a computerised version of the Comfortable Interpersonal Distance Scale. In Experiment 2, participants chose between pictures of different rooms
13  cards
[🧪] Group 2
Similarities and trends in the properties of the Group 2 metals, magnesium to barium, and their compounds
26  cards
[🧠] Bandura et al.
Sample size,
Age of sample,
Where did the subjects come from
6  cards
[🧫] Enzymes
Definemichaelis menten constant
2  cards
[🧫] Transport In Plants
Definemass flow
2  cards
[🧠] Fagen et al.
Learning Approach | Elephant Learning
12  cards
[🧠] Pozzulo et al.
What was the psychology being inv...,
What are the problems of using ch...
2  cards
[🧪] Equilibria
Definedynamic equilibrium
1  cards
[🧠] Andrade
What is the aim of andrade,
In andrade how was monitoring per...,
State the features of the sample ...
4  cards
[🧠] Approaches
The AS Level course consists of approaches, issues and debates and research methodology that underpin the study of psychology.
6  cards
[🧪] Organic Chemistry
Definefunctional group,
Explain what is meant by ahomolog...
2  cards
[🧫] Gas Exchange
What do you call haemoglobin with...,
What do you call haemoglobin with...
2  cards
[🧠] Hassett et al.
The study by Hassett et al. was an experiment investigating sex differences for toy preferences in monkeys, whose behaviour is assumed to be more biologically controlled than that of children. Interactions with stereotypical boys’ toys and girls’ toys were observed and coded using a behavioural checklist. Human participants were not included in this study. To compare monkey toy preferences to those of children, data from another study was used.
2  cards
[🧪] Hydrocarbons
2  cards
[🧪] An introduction to A/S Level Organic Chemistry
Defineelectrophile 14 an introduc...,
2  cards
[🧪] Periodicity/Period 3
What is the general trend in peri...,
What is the general trend in peri...,
What is the general trend in peri...
3  cards

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