cambridge tech it unit 1

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1.1 Computer Hardware
What is computer hardware,
What is an input device,
What is an output device
20  cards
1.2 Computer Components
What is a cpu,
What does the cpu do,
What does the alu do
37  cards
1.3 Types of Computers
What is a tablet and what does it do,
What is a desktop and what does i...,
What is a smartphone and what doe...
7  cards
1.4 Connectivity
What does utp stand for and what ...,
What is stp and what does it do,
What is coaxial
7  cards
1.5 Communication Hardware
What is a hub,
What does a passive hub do,
What is an active hub
10  cards
1.6 Troubleshooting
Process of identifying hardware f...,
Troubleshooting tools,
Software diagnostics package
11  cards
1.7-1.9 Units of Measure and Number Systems
What is a bit,
What is a nibble,
What is a byte
17  cards
2.1 Types of Software
Open source,
Closed source software,
Off the shelf software
7  cards
2.2 Application Software
Word processor advantages and dis...,
Types of productivity software,
18  cards
2.3 Utility software
What is a full backup,
Incremental backup
7  cards
2.4 Operating systems
Single user operating system home,
Multiuser network system,
Single processor
7  cards
2.5 Communication Methods
What is a letter used for,
What is instant messaging used for,
What is short message service sms...
10  cards
2.6 Software Troubleshooting
What is software troubleshooting,
What is a software error,
What are 4 common faults
15  cards
2.7 Protocols
23  cards
3.1 Types of servers
What is a server,
What is a file server,
What is a print server
7  cards
3.2 Virtualisation
What is virtualisation,
Storage virtualisation,
Cloud virtualisation
6  cards
3.3 Networking Characteristics
What is a topology,
Star topology,
Bus topology
14  cards
3.4 Connectivity Methods
What does adsl mean,
What does adsl do,
What does isdn mean
12  cards
3.5 Business Systems
What is mis management informatio...,
What is crm customer relationship...,
What is sop sales ordering process
5  cards
4.1 Communication Skills
What are interpersonal skills,
What is eye contact,
What is body language
18  cards
4.2 Communication Technology
What is presentation software,
What does presentation software i...,
What is word processing
9  cards
4.3 Personal Attributes
Time management,
Organisation skills
9  cards
4.4 Ready for work
Personal attributes,
3  cards
4.5 Job Roles
What does a network manager do,
What attributes do network manage...,
What does an it technician do
10  cards
4.6 & 4.7 Professional bodies and Industry Certification
What is a professional body,
What do professional bodies do,
Why personally should shouldn t y...
7  cards
5.1 Ethical issues
What is ethics,
What is morals,
What is whistleblowing
8  cards
5.2 Operational issues
Health and safety,
Security of information,
Organisation policies
7  cards
5.3 Threats
What is phishing,
What is interception,
What is data theft
12  cards
5.4 Physical security
Ways to protect the surroundings ...,
What is rfid radio frequency iden...,
What are biometric security
3  cards
5.5 digital security
What is digital security,
What does antivirus do,
What does antispyware do
5  cards
5.6 Safe Disposal of Data and Computer Equipment
3 ways data can be destroyed,
What is the process of overwritin...,
What is the process of electromag...
10  cards

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