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1- Lung cancer
Non small cell lung cancer 80
48  cards
2- Breast cancer
Breast cancer background,
Breast cancer metastasis,
55  cards
2- Benign breast conditions
Benign breast conditions,
Breast cysts background,
Breast cycst risk factors
63  cards
3- Reproductive cancer
Cervical cancer background,
Types of cervical cancer,
Pre cancerous condition of cervic...
65  cards
4- Abdominal cancer
Colorectal bowel cancer background,
Types of colorectal cancer,
Risk factors for colorectal cancer
55  cards
4- Abdominal cancer (2/2)
Cholangiocarcinoma background,
Location of cholangiocarcinomas,
Metastasis for cholangiocarcinoma
38  cards
5- Head and neck cancers
Epidiemology of h and n cancer,
Key types of h and n cancer,
Pathophysiology of most h and n c...
42  cards
6- Urological cancer 1/2
Prostate cancer,
Risk factors for prostate cancer,
Where does prostate cancer metast...
71  cards
6- Urological cancer (2/2)
Testis cancerbackground,
Germ cell tumours,
43  cards
7- Bone cancers
Primary bone cancers background,
Types of primary bone cancer,
Bone metastasis
32  cards
8- Skin cancer
Main types of skin cancer,
Basal cell carcinoma background,
Types of basal cell carcinoma
31  cards
9- Haematological malignancy (Leukaemia)
Types of haematological malignancy,
Haematopoietic lineage,
Haemopoietic stem cells
75  cards
9- Haematological malignancy (Lymphoma)
Lymphoma background general,
Types of lymphoma,
Which lineage of cells affected
33  cards
9- Haematological malignancy (Myeloma)
Myeloma background,
Multiple myeloma,
Pathophysiology of myeloma
36  cards
9- Haematological malignancy (Myeloproliferative Disorders and Myelodysplastic Syndrome)
Myeloproliferative disorders vs m...,
Myeloproliferative disorders back...,
Secondary causes of myeloprolifer...
32  cards
10- Haematology (Lymphadenopathy and the spleen))
The lymphatic system background,
Lymph organs,
Lymph nodes
43  cards
11- Blood transfusion
Blood transfusion background,
Haemoglobin recommendationsx,
Blood grouping
64  cards
12- Acute presentations in cancer (secondary to treatment)
Acute presentations secondary to ...,
Neutropenic sepsisbackground,
What is neutrophil nadir
41  cards
12- Acute presentations in cancer (secondary to cancer)
Bowel obstruction background,
Risk factors for bowel obstructio...,
Presentation of bowel obstruction
100  cards
13- Symptom management (Pain and Opioid Prescribing)
General principles for symptom ma...,
Pain management background,
Types of pain
54  cards
13- Symptom management (Other symptoms)
Which symptoms except pain may be...,
Causes of nausea and vomiting,
Pathophysiology of n and v
25  cards
14- Treatment of cancer
Treatment modalities in cancer,
Localised treatment,
Systemic caner therapies
63  cards
14- Treatment of cancer (radiotherapy, immunotherapy and surgery)
How radiotherapy is used in treat...,
How radiotherapy works
57  cards
15- Palliative care
Palliative care,
Aims of palliative care,
Examples of diseases which use pa...
39  cards
Genetic syndromes and cancer
Genetic syndromes and cancer,
Lynch syndrome,
Familial adenomatosis polyposis
8  cards
Phase 1 Haematology notes
Where are rich sources of bone ma...,
5 major lineage pathways arise fr...
104  cards
Haematological malingnacy summaries
There are four main types of acut...,
Acute vs chronic leukaemia,
Myeloid vs lymphocytic leukaemia
34  cards
Past paper questions
A 55 year old woman being treated...,
A 30 year old man attends the gen...,
A 75 year old man with a previous...
77  cards
Haematology past paper questions
She received bridging therapy wit...,
A 34 year old female with a histo...,
A 65 year old man attends the eme...
111  cards
Palliative Care Past Paper Questions
A 72 year old man with a backgrou...,
An 87 year old male is admitted t...,
A 75 year old woman with metastat...
11  cards

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