cardio-respiratory physiology and pharmacology

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Electrical Activity In The Heart
What are the intracellular and ex...,
What is the intracellular and ext...,
What is the intracellular and ext...
19  cards
Gross And Cellular Structure Of The Heart
What is the positioning of the he...,
What are the roles of cardiac muscle,
Describe the pulmonary circulation
36  cards
Systemic Circulation And Cardiovascular Pressure
Which blood vessels have the grea...,
How is the circulatory system arr...,
Where is most of the blood in cir...
24  cards
Cardiovascular Responses To Aerobic Exercise And Training
How much does oxygen consumption ...,
What are the 3 major tasks of the...,
How does exercise affect hr
22  cards
Regulation Of Mean Arterial Blood Pressure
What factors increase co,
How do you calculate map,
What factors increase tpr
23  cards
Anti-dysrhythmic Drugs
How is dysrhythmia classified,
What is dysthymia,
Define atrial tachycardia
29  cards
Cardiac Excitation-contraction Coupling
Where are t tubules positioned an...,
What disks border the sarcomeres,
What are a bands made up of
27  cards
The Electrocardiogram
Explain what happens at the avn d...,
Explain the spread of excitation ...,
What is the electrical connection...
38  cards
Regulation Of Cardiac Function
What is edv,
How do you calculate co,
What is esv
28  cards
Mechanical Events Of The Cardiac Cycle
Is the aortic semilunar valve ope...,
Why is the av valve open during v...,
How much of ventricular filling o...
24  cards
Drugs Used In The Treatment Of Angina Pectoris
Symptoms of angina,
What is angina,
What is the cause of angina
32  cards
Haemodynamics:pressure, flow and resistance
What is darcy s law,
What is the driving force of bloo...,
How is the velocity of blood flow...
25  cards
Systemic Circulation And Cardiovascular Pressures
0  cards
Microcirculation And Lymphatic System
Where are capillary beds most dense,
What is the microcirculation,
What blood vessels confer the gre...
34  cards
Heart Failure
What are common causes of heart f...,
What is heart failure,
What are the symptoms of heart fa...
26  cards
Lipdaemias And Lipid Lowering Drugs
How are lipids transported in the...,
What is hyperlipidaemia,
Explain the structure of the lipo...
19  cards
Specialisations In Individual Circulations
Where do coronary arteries arise ...,
What is the total blood flow card...,
Why does the heart require its ow...
33  cards
Anti-hypertensives 2
What is ambulatory bp monitoring ...,
What is white coat hypertension,
What is home bp monitoring hbpm
24  cards
Lipidaemias And Lipid Lowering Drugs 2
What are the dietary control requ...,
What are the treatment strategies...,
When is drug treatment essential ...
19  cards
Anti-hypertensives 1
What are the causes of systemic h...,
How is systemic hypertension defined,
How is pulmonary hypertension def...
21  cards
Mechanics Of Breathing-2
What parameters are used to calcu...,
What technique is used for testin...,
For a 70kg man what are the value...
23  cards
Mechanics Of Breathing-1
What are the secondary functions ...,
What is the primary function of r...,
What is internal respiration
41  cards
Drug List
Enoxaparin and dalteparin
70  cards
Adverse Effects Of Anti-hypertensives
Adverse effects of bendrofluemeth...,
Adverse effects of captopril,
Adverse effects of spironolactone
9  cards
Gas Transport
When hb is 100 saturated how does...,
Describe the structure of haemogl...,
What is the normal concentration ...
24  cards
Gas Exchange
For a 70kg man how much air is in...,
How much oxygen is consumed at re...,
How many litres of oxygen are con...
26  cards
Dalton s law,
Law of laplace,
Henry s law
9  cards
Central Contol Of Ventilation
How can expiration be a passive p...,
What does minute alveolar ventila...,
What nerves innervate the diaphra...
21  cards
Chemical Control Of Ventilation
What factors determine ventilation,
What are the central controllers ...,
What do chemoreceptors do and whe...
18  cards
Drugs And Haemostasis
What are the 3 natural mechanisms...,
What is haemostasis,
Describe vasoconstriction
43  cards
Drugs And The Respiratory System
Examples of centrally mediated re...,
Examples of classic lung diseases,
What is asthma
28  cards
frequently asked questions
Why are ace inhibitors used as a ...,
Why is hf more prevalent in men t...,
How does a decrease in venous ret...
4  cards
Ventilation-perfusion Relationships
What is the hypothetical ideal lu...,
What is ventilation,
What is hypoxaemia
31  cards

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