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The action potential triggers,
How does the cardiac muscle ap di...,
What generates the resting membra...
70  cards
Cardiac Function
Required for the ca2 release from...,
In the heart what is required for...,
The mechanism by which an ap init...
74  cards
The Cardiac Cycle
A protein that negatively regulat...,
Depicts changes in the left side ...,
Correlates to the pressure volume...
33  cards
Cardiac Function: Examining The Heart
Used for high frequency sounds su...,
Used for low frequency sounds s3 ...,
Can only hear with patient seated...
44  cards
Adrenergic Agonists And Antagonists
What are the three endogenous cat...,
Epinephrine has a higher affinity...,
The adrenergic receptor activatio...
87  cards
How do we find bp,
How do we find pulse pressure,
90 95 of people with hypertension...
12  cards
The Electrocardiogram
There are 3 bipolar leads which a...,
The unipolar leads are derived fr...,
In an ekg each small box is
38  cards
Ischemic Heart Disease
Has only a single blood supply,
Accounts for the majority of fluc...,
The diastolic pressure as the cor...
65  cards
Acute Coronary Syndromes
90 result from plaque rupture whi...,
Plaque rupture leads to exposure of,
Begins within seconds and we see ...
67  cards
Congenital Heart Defects
Allows bypass of hepatic circulation,
Flow through the foremen ovals al...,
Directs relatively lower oxygenat...
69  cards
The Pathophysiology Of Atherosclerosis
Atherosclerosis does not occur at...,
Mechanical arterial endothelial i...,
Characterized by low flow gradien...
52  cards
Drugs Used In Hyperlipidemia
The longer and lower the reductio...,
Cholesterol esters and triglyceri...,
Low density lipoprotein apob is r...
45  cards
SNS Review
8 of the spinal nerves are compos...,
The pre ganglionic neurotransmitt...,
The post ganglionic neurotransmit...
40  cards
Heart Failure
Characterized by a high risk for ...,
Structural heart disease without ...,
Characterized by structural heart...
66  cards
Anti-platelet And Anti-coagulant Drugs
Gpia iia and gpib are platelet me...,
Protease activated receptors that...,
Adp receptors that when stimulate...
60  cards
Valvular Heart Disease
Heard during rapid ventricular fi...,
Atrial systole causes ejection of...,
Caused by opening of stenosis aor...
91  cards
Infection And Inflammaiton In The Heart
Is a non infectious form of endoc...,
A significant percentage of patie...,
The number one valve affected in ...
51  cards
Mechanisms Of Cardiac Arrhythmias
Generated by rapid inward na curr...,
Slow response aps are generated b...,
Abnormal impulse generation that ...
44  cards
Renal Agents
Filter approximately 1300 ml bloo...,
In the kidney the peritubular cap...,
Passes close to the glomerulus be...
92  cards
Clinical Aspects Of Cardiac Arrhythmias
Rate of less than 60 bpm w each p...,
Sudden cessation of sinus node ac...,
What do we call a sudden cessatio...
59  cards
Unlike other regions of the heart...,
Antiarrhythmic drug actions gener...,
Pronlong the pd and dissociate fr...
75  cards
Acute Aortic Syndromes
Free rupture of aorta often cause...,
Sudden onset of severe chest pain...,
Characterized by chest back or ab...
59  cards
Heart Failure Agents
Decreased co activates production of,
Decreased cardiac output activate...,
Result in greater cardiac work fo...
66  cards
Pericardial Disease
Mono layer of mesothelioma cells ...,
2mm thick and largely acellular a...,
Fixes the heart within the medias...
48  cards
Disease of the heart muscle where...,
What are three viruses that can c...,
Immune mediated and leads to myoc...
51  cards
What are the two peices of data u...,
A reflection of lap which in the ...,
Left ventricular failure aortic v...
70  cards
Nerve stimulation endothelilal si...,
Protects distal capillary beds fr...,
Used in the treatment of htn and ...
53  cards

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