cardiopulm midterm

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Thoracic Wall and Pleural Cavities
The region between the neck and a...,
Boundaries of the superior thorac...,
Boundaries of inferior thoracic a...
41  cards
Respiratory Histology
Conducting portion consists of wh...,
Respiratory portion consists of w...,
The respiratory epithelium is of ...
28  cards
Lower Respiratory Tract
Differences between main right an...,
Right lung has __ lobes and __ se...,
The trachea is made up of three p...
27  cards
Respiratory Embryology
Median outgrowth found in floor o...,
Laryngotracheal groove goes on to...,
The _____ end of the diverticulum...
30  cards
Heart Anatomy
0  cards
Introduction to the Autonomic Nervous System DSA
Visceral motor neurons innervate ...,
Visceral sensory neurons monitor ...,
Presynaptic neurons are located i...
21  cards
Respiratory Cycle
Increase in lung volume pressure ...,
The phrenic nerve supplies the di...,
At rest intrapleural pressure is ...
6  cards
Lung Volumes
At the end of inspiration what wo...,
Respiratory capacities are the su...,
Inspiratory reserve volume
17  cards
Pulmonary Blood Flow
Alveolar capillaries come from __...,
Extra alveolar capillaries come f...,
________ resistance is much lower...
26  cards
BRS Physiology (respiratory) review questions
Which of the following lung volum...,
An infant is born prematurely in ...,
In which vascular bed does hypoxi...
29  cards
Blue Boxes
Levels of viscera relative to med...,
Mediastinoscopy and mediastinal b...,
Widening of mediastinum
32  cards
Alveolar Gas Exchange
Perfusion is,
Ventilation is,
Air moves from an area of ___ pre...
56  cards
Gas transport
0  cards
Phys Questions
0  cards
Control of Respiration
The phrenic nerve carries respira...,
The most important respiratory ce...,
Apnea is the absence of
11  cards
Respiratory Mechanics
0  cards
Heart Development book
_____ cells from the primitive st...,
_____ progenitor cells from the _...,
What component of the lateral mes...
17  cards
Physiology Book Notes
In the airways sympathetic adrene...,
In the airways parasympathetic ch...,
Pouchlike evaginations of the wal...
30  cards

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