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Anatomy of The Mediastinum
1. Identify the divisions of the mediastinum 2. Describe the organisation of the structures in the superior mediastinum 3. Describe the arrangement of the pericardium 4. Describe the contents of the posterior mediastinum 5. Explain the arterial supply and the venous drainage of the thoracic wall 6. Distinguish between the pulmonary and the systemic blood supply to the lungs
55  cards
Anatomy of the Heart and Coronary Arteries
1. Trace the flow of blood through the heart and identify the great vessels 2. Describe the arrangement and the main features of the chambers of the heart 3. Explain the anatomy and the perfusion of the coronary arteries 4. Describe the functional anatomy of the valves of the heart
61  cards
Anatomy of the Respiratory Tract
What is the thoracic skeleton com...,
What are the 3 types of ribs,
How do true ribs attach to the st...
45  cards
Physiology - Heartbeat and ECG
What is the sino atrial node,
Describe the structure of the sin...,
What is the blood supply to the sa
57  cards
Microanatomy - Smooth and Cardiac Muscle
Describe the structure of smooth ...,
Function of smooth muscle,
Describe the structure of cardiac...
52  cards
Physiology - The Heart as a Pump
What are the two circulations,
Describe the mechanism of action ...,
Describe the mechanism of action ...
54  cards
Physiology - Haemodynamics
What is systole,
What is diastole,
What is pulse pressure
64  cards
The Sympahtetic Nervous System
Ventral root is the,
The dorsal root is the,
What does visceral mean
69  cards
Carriage of Oxygen in the Blood
What is the job of the cardiovasc...,
Why is the carriage of oxygen a p...,
What is the definition of oxidation
67  cards
Structure and Function of the Blood
What is the function of blood,
What is blood,
What percentage of extracellular ...
60  cards
Renal Structure and Function Part 1
Where do renal arteries branch from,
What does the ureter do,
What does the urethra do
61  cards
Renal Structure and function part 2
What is osmosis,
What is the osmotic pressure of a...,
What is an osmol
57  cards
Pulmonary circulation
What are the two physical circula...,
What is the bronchial circulation...,
What does the bronchial circulati...
56  cards
Neural control of blood pressure
Why do we have a blood pressure c...,
What is hypotension,
What is hypertension
35  cards
Hormonal control of blood pressure
What are the two systems that reg...,
What does the juxtaglomerular app...,
What lines the wall of the distal...
35  cards
Anatomy - Vascular anatomy of the limbs
Describe the arteries,
Describe the veins,
What happens to the pressure betw...
72  cards
Drug treatment of Cardiovascular diseases
What is the role of vascular endo...,
What happens when there is damage...,
What are the types of cardiovascu...
55  cards
Introduction to the respiratory system
What are the functions of the res...,
Describe the upper respiratory tract,
Describe the lower respiratory tract
54  cards
Chest X rays
How does an x ray work,
What are 5 shades of grey,
Why do we use x rays
26  cards
Respiratory physiology I: Lung Mechanics
Describe breathing and ventilation,
What is the movement of air into ...,
How are pressure differences created
36  cards
Respiratory Physiology II
What is pulmonary ventilation bre...,
Why does air flow occur,
In what direction does airflow occur
73  cards
Acid base in the Control of Respiration
What receptors impact the respira...,
Name the chemoreceptors,
Name the mechanoreceptors
71  cards
Gas Transfer in the Lung and Lung function testing
What is flicks principle,
Describe the permeability coeffic...,
When is gas transfer from the alv...
49  cards
Microcirulation and Oedema
What are the micro vessels in the...,
What is the function of the capil...,
What is another name of a capillary
59  cards
Anatomy of the Sinus
What is the airways divided into,
What divides the upper and lower ...,
What is in the upper respiratory ...
76  cards
Microanatomy 1 Cardiovascular
What are the three levels of the ...,
What is the function of the tunic...,
What is the structure of the tuni...
64  cards
Microanatomy 2 Respiratory
What are the two functional compo...,
What is the function of the condu...,
What is the function of the respi...
56  cards
Pharmacology of Respiratory system
Describe the end of terminal bron...,
Describe what the parasympathetic...,
What does the parasympathetic sys...
29  cards

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