care of mother and child

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Assessing fetal and maternal health
7  cards
Core values of nursing
Multiple choice 1 10 items 1 taz ...,
2 the administration of a communi...,
3 which of the following scenario...
10  cards
Framework for maternal and child health nursing
1 suppose melissa chung asks you ...,
4which of the following statement...,
5 hanny a pediatric nurse believe...
8  cards
Ethical and social issues in prenatal nursing
1 successful ethical discussion d...,
2 a document that lists the medic...,
3 in most ethical dilemmas the so...
8  cards
Legal considerations
1 a female client tells the nurse...,
2 a young woman who has tested po...,
3 a pregnant woman is offered the...
10  cards
Reproductive bill, DOH maternal and child framework
1 the reproductive health bill ra...,
2 knowing that malnutrition is a ...,
3 dina a community nurse is plann...
5  cards
Family planning
1 suppose lizzie 18 years old tel...,
2 darla 16 years old wants to try...,
3 suppose anne 18 years old choos...
10  cards
Evidence based practise in maternal and child nursing
Causes of maternal mortality,
1 which of the following is a pro...,
2 to provide patient care of the ...
11  cards
Mother and child care enterpreneurial purposes
Scope of enterpreneurial practise,
1 gemma a registered nurse wants ...,
2 nurse roxy is child care health...
11  cards
Nursing role in genetic assessment and counselling
1 nurse hailey is providing genet...,
2 mr mrs sanders has been counsel...,
3 with regard to the estimation a...
10  cards
Anatomy and Physiology of female reproductive system
1 when a female client with an in...,
2 suppose dana 27 years old tells...,
3 when performing a pelvic examin...
10  cards
Anatomy and physiology of male reproductive system
1 suppose kevin matthews tells yo...,
2 when performing an assessment o...,
3 various biological and psychoso...
10  cards
The growing fetus
1 what lunar month is considered ...,
2 mrs lim has missed three period...,
3 the senior head nursing student...
10  cards
Nursing care related to physiological and psychological changes during pregnancy
1 which of the following tasks is...,
2 as a pregnant woman lies on the...,
3 blood volume normally increases...
10  cards
Assessing fetal and maternal heath: prenatal care
1 amy a gravida 1 para 0 pregnant...,
2 during the prenatal visit of li...,
3 mrs blacksmith is on her 5th pr...
10  cards
Nursing care to promote fetal and maternal health
1during a natural labor the clien...,
2 what are some natural ways to r...,
3 a client presents in early labo...
9  cards
Braxton hicks contraction,
Prostaglandin theory,
Oxytocin theory
6  cards
Nursing role in promoting nutritional health during pregnancy
1 the multigravida mother with a ...,
2 after teaching a pregnant woman...,
3 what are the important consider...
4  cards
Preparing a family to childbirth and parenting
1 the nurse is developing a teach...,
2 a new antenatal g 6 p 4 ab 1 cl...,
3 when preparing a prenatal class...
10  cards
Nursing care of family during labor
1 the nurse is talking with a wom...,
2 the nurse is caring for a woman...,
3 after teaching a pregnant woman...
10  cards
Nursing role in providing comfort during labor and birth
1 the nurse is caring for a primi...,
2 the physician has ordered prost...,
3 a 21 year old primigravid clien...
10  cards
Nursing care of a family with a toddler
1 which development is necessary ...,
2 a mother of a toilet trained 3 ...,
3 when assessing a 2 year old chi...
10  cards
Nursing care of a family with a preschoolers
1 to encourage autonomy in a 4 ye...,
2 the mother of a 4 year old expr...,
3 the mother of a preschooler rep...
10  cards
Nursing care of a family with a school age child
1 to determine if a blood pressur...,
2 a nurse is assessing the growth...,
3 to assess a 9 year old s social...
10  cards
Nursing care of a family with adolescents
1 the parents of a 12 year old gi...,
2 an adolescent tells the school ...,
3 the school nurse develops a pla...
10  cards
Communication and teaching with children and family
1 which information should the nu...,
2 an important consideration for ...,
3 an effective technique for comm...
10  cards
Nursing care of a postpartal family
1 on the second day postpartum th...,
2 a woman delivers a 6lbs 4 oz ba...,
3 a woman delivered the boy 12 ho...
10  cards
Nursing care of a newborn
1 which of the following action s...,
2 a bay girl was born at 0915at 0...,
3 which of the following findings...
10  cards
Nutritional needs of an new born
1 a new breastfeeding mother asks...,
2 the nurse is evaluating a woman...,
3 a woman has determined that bot...
10  cards
Principles of growth and development
1 which of the following is appro...,
2 the nurse is teaching the paren...,
3 a 10 month old looks for object...
10  cards
Nursing care of a family with an infant
1the nurse is taking with the mot...,
2the mother of a 4 months old inf...,
3the nurse is assessing a 6 month...
10  cards

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